Are you feeling the beat?


I’m Jason Bowld and I play drums for British Metal band – Bullet for my Valentine!


Where is home for you?


I live in the midlands in Worcestershire actually on the edge of the Cotswolds. It’s a beautiful sanctuary and polar opposite from the mania of touring with a Rock band around the world – and as you can imagine, there’s lots of hills to run up and down!


What got you into drumming? And how does it make you feel?


My family is musical, with my father and two older brothers being in bands - as guitarists though – so I’ve always been around bands. I chose drums because it simply felt right when I was ten years old after being introduced to them by best friend at school. As soon as I picked up a pair of sticks I was hooked. Drumming completely mellows me out and is a work out both mentally and physically.




What difference does wearing barefoot shoes have on your drumming?


For me the benefits are massive – the main thing is the natural feel and touch you get on the bass drum pedals and because the shoes are so thin, they mould to your feet tracing every movement you make which in turn keeps your hard practiced technique true to form.


What brought you to barefoot?


I started running seriously 7 years ago. After realizing my technique was all wrong from getting shin splints and landing heel first, I investigated barefoot running, learned the technique and found Vivo barefoot shoes! My first pair were Evo pures


What are your three best things about being barefoot?


The best things are definitely keeping your joints intact by having a smooth technique that is complemented with puncture resistant footwear. I love the fact that I can throw a couple of pairs of Vivos in my hand luggage as they are so flexible! And of course the designs look very cool!!



Where are you most looking forward to play on this tour?

I simply love to keep on the move when touring and not stay in the same place for too long – but if I had to choose, it would have to be Europe as a whole because of the diversity and variety and being in a totally different place within an hour or two. I am looking forward to going to Mexico in October when we play Knotfest though as I’ve not been there for a while.


What are the three key things you need for a gig to go well?


An Audience, Belief and a badass pair of shoes.




Photo Credit : Ryan Chang


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