6 Minimalist Travel Hacks to Pack Like a Pro

Whether you’re planning a business trip out of a backpack, a two-week holiday with just a carry on, or you’re embracing the lifestyle of a nomadic minimalist on a global adventure. We have some killer travel hacks for you.  


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1. Work outfits around neutral colours and basics

 Versatility is key. A classic black jean goes from smart to casual when you switch out a button-down shirt or blouse for your favourite T-shirt. The same rule applies to your feet. Vivobarefoot’s timeless Gobi II desert boot is the perfect one-shoe-fits-all style, that’s equally adept on a hike as it is when you’re out for dinner.


2. Roll over folding

Rolling vs folding is a heated debate in the packing world. We must admit that yes, folding might help with organisation. However, rolling naturally compresses your clothing and guards against those dreaded creases. If you don’t believe us, then please take it up with the military - it’s their recommended packing hack!  


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3. Work out smarter

We all know that there are huge physical and mental benefits to regular exercise and traveling should not be a blocker. Whilst on the move you want something light that you can throw in your bag to quickly transition from a work meeting to a workout. Weighing in at just 184 grams, you won’t even notice Vivobarefoot’s Primus lite’s in your bag!


4. Divide and conquer

Living out of a bag or suitcase can be stressful – especially if the shirt you want to wear is rooted to the bottom of it. That’s why we cannot recommend packing cubes enough. If used correctly, these little beauties can divide your bag up into perfect sections, making your wardrobe selection much easier.


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5. Keep the bulk out of the bag

When it comes to traveling, the rule of thumb is to keep your bulkiest clothes on you. This includes your coats, jumpers, jeans and especially boots. That said – although the destination might be hiking in the Himalayas –airport check-in might demand something you can slip off with ease. Luckily, Vivobarefoot’s Tracker FG hiking boots are light, thin and flexible enough to pack without making too much of a sacrifice.


6.  Wash your clothes while you’re away

There is nothing wrong with turning a hotel bathroom into a laundry room. Minimalism is about spending your money smart – and hotel laundry services are always a rip-off.

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