Retail Therapy : Vivobarefoot Store Concept

VIVOBAREFOOT is built on one simple truth, ‘shoes should let your feet do their natural thing’. This means that our shoes are the only shoes that let your feet work how they were designed; the only shoes that reconnect your feet with the brain and ultimately you with nature.

Nature is the ultimate sensory experience. Breathing, moving and being and out amongst it not only feels great, it’s scientifically proven to improve human health for both body and mind. The chaps in white coats at Stanford University recently proved that a ninety-minute walk in nature reduces the risk factors for stress, depression and anxiety – seems an obvious enough finding, but for some reason, many of us don’t get out there nearly enough.

Problem is, most us now live, work and shop in the concrete human zoos which we have come to call cities. In a totally connected world we seem more disconnected than ever before from ourselves, each other and our natural habitat. We sit in comfortable chairs, under synthetic light, eating food out of plastic containers, glued to our bright screens - leaving us more separated from the natural way of things than ever.

When we started making shoes, we looked at the natural foot, the body and how we were designed to move, and it informed our designs. In a similar vein, when it came to creating a healthy environment to work and shop in, it seemed logical to start with our fundamental evolutionary human needs. Project code name ‘retail therapy’, our new VIVOBAREFOOT shop design…and so begins our journey…

Biophilia: Noun

An innate love for the natural world, supposed to be felt universally by humankind...

The new Prague concept is the first to get the 'outside-in' treatment. Our aim was to create a nourishing, sensory retail experience that leaves you feeling energized and inspired. We’ve focused on four key design elements: Light, Air, Water and Movement. full spectrum lighting, fitted top notch water filtration systems, a plethora of NASA recommended air purifying plants and an enriched environment, perfect for fine tuning movement and maximising sensory experience. Geared towards getting you moving more naturally, we've got barefoot experts at hand, alongside varied terrains, a treadmill and plantar pressure technology. These features will help you understand where you are on your 'back to natural' journey. This mindset will not only be the template for all our stores to come (we are embarking on a 2-year role out of over 20 new or refurbished shops) but we expect it will be the future of interior Architecture - full stop.



"Vivobarefoot is all about reconnection – moving as nature intended. But how can we talk about reconnecting with nature when retail environments expect us to walk in off the street and envision the great outdoors from an artificial feeling, stagnant box. Infusing the modern world with the principles of Biophilic design is the future of creating mindful urban environments. Scientific research is rich with proof that our health, both physical and psychological, benefits from exposure to nature. We’re not supposed to exist in sensory deprived, unnaturally consistent surroundings – we’re made to flourish in environments with continually changing terrains, climates, vista views, natural materials, water nutrition etc. We’re now in a privileged position where we can marry ancient wisdom with modern technology, to bring nature inside and enrich our daily environments. So that’s what we’re doing. Carefully chosen air cleansing plants, full spectrum lighting, carbon filtered water systems and sensory stimulation through movement – we’re sure you’ll leave the store not only with the best feeling shoes on your feet but also feeling….better."



Vivobarefoot Concept Stores: Could you be the next to join the barefoot (r)evolution?


20 successful Vivobarefoot stores are trading better than ever and this is an opportunity to take all the learnings, an evolutionary new retail concept and join the family:   

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