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Handcut Porto
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Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto

Handcut Porto

A premium hand cut desert boot packed with attitude

The Porto is a sturdy, premium desert boot made from exquisite Portuguese leather. Available in brushed Tan or black, this robust boot will make easy strides through your day to day.

Style code: 200021-05

Black Dark Brown Tan


The Porto, like all other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, is built with your foot in mind; the toe box is wide and allows your toes to load, splay the space they need. The 4mm thin sole is completely flat from heel to toe and lets your arch function completely naturally.

The Porto holds its own in terms of style, quality and barefoot principles; staying true to our unique Pure Barefoot Technology principles and is designed and built to our high standards. You’ll get total flexibility from the unlined leather as your feet behave as if they are barefoot in style. The 4mm sole is stiffer than other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes but is still allows your Great Toe to engage rapidly with the ground as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement.

Enjoy a great sensory experience with the Porto’s, and be safe in the confidence that these long wearing boots can go the distance, allowing your feet to rediscover your surroundings with style and attitude.

Transitioning to barefoot.

Learning to walk before you run and gradually relearning the skill of natural movement is best done slowly.

Taking a shopping trip through Cairo’s Old Bazaar.

Navigating your way through the pub to the bar.

Playing the drums, connect with your kit!

Loking uber cool in your favourite jeans, of course.

Tightrope walking and slacklining. dancing in the moonlight.

Upper material
Upper description
V Premium Leather
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Hand crafted using minimal components and minimum chrome leathers
2 stars12 November 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - just not my size

5 stars28 October 2015

Handcut Porto Donna - Valutazione servizio : great team, problem solved in 24 hours PLUS 25% discount. grazie
Prodotto : my best shoes ever!

1 stars18 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Bought shoes as they are supposed to have an unusually wide toebox. They are actually narrower and more constricting than most flat clarks shoes. Ridiculous!

5 stars17 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The beauty of unisex products is that you can find a size 9 in the ladie's when the men's is out of stock... Excellent quality.

5 stars08 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - the shoes are sooo beautiful comfy and that smell:)

4 stars07 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Look like expected, seem nice quality. I would not normally pay this much for shoes but I bought them to try to deal with sore toe issue. However I believe ortho advice is that flat shoes are not the ideal height, so wouldn't have bought them otherwise

5 stars05 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - really like the shoes - more expensive than i'd like, but otherwise very happy

5 stars05 October 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - I love them!!

5 stars26 September 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Always a few challenges with the delivery person (I speak very poor Hebrew), but it was smooth by Israeli standards.

5 stars20 September 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Feel comfortable except for slight nagging under laces where they rub against my foot but only fine considering i wear them all day. they grow on me the more they are worn. Very shiny when I first got them but the're not anymore . Love them

4 stars17 September 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The leather is a bit stiff and the soles are less flexible than what i was expecting. hoping both of these things will resolve with time and wear.

4 stars09 September 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Will not really know until I've broken them in properly

5 stars18 August 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Great looking shoes, high quality leather. Very comfy

5 stars18 August 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Beautiful

5 stars17 August 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Love the look of the shoe. Leather is a bit squeaky but hope that settles down as they wear in!

5 stars11 August 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - They are a super comfortable shoe.

2 stars08 August 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Look good but not comfortable around the ankle - had to return them

2 stars31 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The Portos looked great apart from a couple of dark stains on one of the shoes. I didn't bother trying them on and sent them back.

5 stars23 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Love them

4 stars09 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Shoes are expensive for what they are, but they're well made. No problems yet.

2 stars04 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Very narrow toe box. It was only purchased because it was supposed to have a wide toe box. Sent back.

4 stars04 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The size is a bit smaller than other shoes numbered the same, as there sole is sawed around the rim from the top. The size is great, but perhaps half sizing would be helpful?

5 stars02 July 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Beautiful shoes!! The craftsmanship seems high quality. The fit was perfect and as expected.

5 stars27 June 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The quality is excellent.

5 stars26 June 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - a little too narrow for those of us who actually follow minimal shoe principles; also had black smudges that didn't appear to be part of the design, but overall seemed to be a beautiful, well-made shoe.

5 stars04 June 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Great shoe... great style. Love it.

5 stars01 June 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - These are perhaps the best shoes I have ever owned. They made my wedding and honeymoon in Italy even better.

4 stars26 May 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - I have only worn them once but looking forward to wearing them more.

5 stars02 May 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - The product is beautiful, but alas! the fit over the front of the foot is to flat - width and length great lots of room side to side but the last is too flat for my feet

5 stars26 April 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Love them. I would appreciate some additional recommendation for proper care of it.

4 stars18 April 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Really lovely boots,look to be very well made. It's taking a little while to bed them in because the leather is so strong. Only disappointment is that I was unable to purchase some insoles at point of purchase. So far they are proving pretty tough, one boot has withstood puppy testing without too much lasting damage, just a slightly mangled heel tag!! I would love to buy these in a different colour but because I take these in the smallest size, supply seems very limited. It would be great if you could provide info on re-stock time, back order or special order. Thanks.

5 stars16 April 2015

Handcut Porto Ladies - Wasn't sure about these at first, but now love them. They are much admired

1 stars24 March 2015

Porto Ladies - This shoe has a horrible fit. Well made shoes, but not enough to justify the price. The fit and design make no sense-- if your feet are shaped like sickles, and you put all your pressure on the inside of your arch (hint: you're knock-kneed), and you're accustomed to depending on arch-support, they may work for you. But if you're actually barefoot and your feet matured that way, these shoes suck. So far every current Vivo shoe I've tried on has worked this way.

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