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Be barefoot in the snow. Winter-proof leather boot
was $180.00now $140.00

Thermally lined and water resistant, the Scott lets you take on the worst of Winter with confidence.

Style code: 300024-03

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Rediscover your surroundings whatever the weather, with Scott. Robust leather, a thinsulate lining and water resistant waxed canvas keep your feet warm and dry, even in the coldest conditions. The 3mm sole means your feet can engage with the ground beneath them and the concave hexagonal sole provides grip for snow, rain and ice.

There’s plenty of room for the toes to stretch out, which also helps keep your feet warm, and the extra flexible sole lets your feet move freely, as nature intended.

Being barefoot when its too cold to take your shoes off!

The winter commute.

Transitioning to barefoot.

Upper material
Upper description
V Leather and organic waxed canvas
Thinsulate: The industry' s most diverse product portfolio warmth solutions for every level of activity.
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Multi 1: Concave hexagonal grip for lifestyle wintery months.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Usage of Eco Friendly materials; Minimum chrome leather; Organic Canvas
4 stars29 November 2015

Scott Mens - They were narrower than the last time i bought them. I like that they now have a line of thread at the top of the rubber. the sole seems thicker around the edge and it is breaking in kind of slower than i thought. I like them but i wanted to share the "flaws" in this edition. i owned a pair from a previous edition of the same shoe almost 2 years ago.

5 stars25 November 2015

Scott Mens - I bought these so I can walk to work in winter. They keep my feet warm and unlike traditional boots, they don't have a rock hard sole. I've had three compliments on the looks so far. I bought them for functional reasons, not aesthetic, but people seem to like them.

4 stars25 November 2015

Scott Hombre - Helaas iets te klein besteld en daardoor teruggestuurd. Maar shoenen kwamen zeer degelijk over.

2 stars24 November 2015

Scott Mens -

5 stars22 November 2015

Scott Mens - I bought the shoes for my son and he loves them.

5 stars18 November 2015

Scott Mens - I like the boots. They are very warm, and comfortable. I think they could be improved if the entire boot was made of leather, instead of the waxed canvas.

4 stars15 November 2015

Scott Mens - The fit is not quite as good as my last pair of Vivobarefoot. Specifically, my right toe sometimes feels a bit constrained by the front/top of the boot.

4 stars15 November 2015

Scott Mens - Fit great, stitching coming off a bit though.

4 stars12 November 2015

Scott Mens - I really like how they feel, although they are a little tight above the ankles. Which is more due to my legs than the shoes themselves. All else is perfect.

5 stars11 November 2015

Scott Mens - I love these shoes! I've finally found footwear I have been searching for. They fit really well and are very comfortable. It's the ground-perception from the no cushioning that really does it for me, and I generally just feel more stable walking around. This feel-good aspect transfers from feet to head!
The wide toe box is just amazing. I have the shoes a little over 1 week and already I know I can never return to (and never wish to) conventional cushioned shoes again, which now appear nothing more than horrid narrow, spongy things!

The Vivo's are expensive. Granted, there is nothing like them but I truly hope that they come down in price because next up, I hope to purchase a pair of Vivo's Stealth runners!

5 stars09 November 2015

Scott Mens - These boots perform great so far (2 weeks). I wore them in cold, damp and muddy fields for 2 days and they kept my feet warm and dry. Toe box is more generous than my Merrell Gloves. The outer sole is stitched on, yeah!

5 stars09 November 2015

Scott Mens - Service was good - not to mention that I'm still waiting you to fill up your stock with Tan Porto (its been out of stock for nearly 9 months)

5 stars08 November 2015

Scott Hommes - Évaluation du service : Bon produits, service clients réactif et sympa.
Produit : Très belles chaussures, confortables et souples.

2 stars06 November 2015

Scott Mens - the scotts i got to repace my 1 year old gobis.. its these im a little disapointed in , the souls wore through .. rubber compound maybe too soft , i know its a trade off . and i did wear them allot my main shoe for a year for 50 quid was good value, the insoles wore through too .. will you sell replacement insoles ever?

4 stars06 November 2015

Scott Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : Un 10 en cuanto a ética e investigación.
Un 7 por lo caros de los precios.
Un 4 por la caja que vino medio en mal estado.
Producto : Buenas botas. Estoy contento, aunque la caja vino medio en mal estado. Para el precio que tienen espero que me duren años.

5 stars04 November 2015

Scott Mens - Exactly what I wanted.

5 stars03 November 2015

Scott Mens - Very comfy, look great, could be even better insulated?

5 stars02 November 2015

Scott Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Dopo percorso informativo e di adattamento ho scelto di indossare calzature minimaliste e la Vivo risponde a tutte le mie necessità. .grazie
Prodotto : Non ha deluso le mie aspettative e lo trovo di buona fattezza

5 stars01 November 2015

Scott Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Impeccabile come sempre.
Prodotto : Scarpa fantastica molto comoda e anche bella esteticamente

5 stars01 November 2015

Scott Mens - I am very happy with these: they are warm and comfortable and they look good!

4 stars30 October 2015

Scott Mens - Good shoes. Little worried with people saying the sole came apart but I've been wearing my pair for a few weeks now and they seem fine.

5 stars25 October 2015

Scott Mens - Good service and quick delivery

4 stars22 October 2015

Scott Mens - I went into your store on Neal street to check the fit and was told I should go for 46, but having worn them for a bit I think they are a little too big 45 or even 44 might feel better. I understand we want the feet to spread but if I am not wearing thick socks they feel a bit 'flappy'.
Otherwise I like them a lot, they are warm and comfortable, look good and I'm enjoying working on changing my gait!

5 stars13 October 2015

Scott Mens - So far so good. Will have see how they hold up.

2 stars12 October 2015

Scott Mens - Stitching started to separate within one week.

2 stars10 October 2015

Scott Mens - The boot was shallow at the front and rubbed my big toe. All my other Vivo Barefoot shoes fitted perfectly and had lots of room for my feet to spread.

5 stars08 October 2015

Scott Mens - Order process was quick and easy. Delivery was prompt.

4 stars02 October 2015

Scott Mens - Prompt response and shipping.

2 stars25 September 2015

Scott Mens - I like these boots, but they haven't been available in my size in over a year. These were obviously returns: the boot pulls were already broken, box beat up, shoes dusty. How about discounting used items?

5 stars11 August 2015

Scott Mens - -

4 stars26 May 2015

Scott Mens - Comfortable and warm.

2 stars22 May 2015

Scott Mens - I ordred these last winter, but had to reurn them, as the soles started to separate from the uppers (badly) after little use. I Thought that they had probably identified and fixed the problem for this winter, but not so. These stared to separate badly as well. Shame, as the shoes are really nice otherwise. Contacted customer sercive and Vivo sent me a pair of Tigrays instead. But, they to have ALSO started to separate after a few days of normal use :(

5 stars02 May 2015

Scott Mens - Nice winter boot

5 stars30 April 2015

Scott Mens - Easy ordering & prompt despatch, very pleased.

4 stars28 April 2015

Scott Mens - Good boots, inherent design issue present on all my vivobarefoots that has still not been addressed. Good product - Bad company.

1 stars26 April 2015

Scott Mens - I bought these shoes because I was looking for a waterproof walking shoe, as my previous pair let water in. Unfortunately this pair of boots are very difficult to get on as the aperture to allow foot in is very small. Also they are not waterproof, as advertised. I was walking on Bowfell recently (only the 4th time wearing them) and when the cloud closed in we got wet and unfortunately these boots were soaked through offering no water proofing at all. Furthermore, with the boots waterlogged the insulation capacity significantly reduced meaning my feet were getting extremely cold, which is not good for an all day walk in the lake district. It's a shame, as some of the other vivobarefoot footwear I have bought have been excellent, except when the lugs on the walking shoes break off very easily or wear away after only a few months. Grip, which is what's needed when you go walking, is severely depleted quite quickly. Vivobarefoot shoes don't seem to be built for walkers.

5 stars24 April 2015

Scott Mens - Very good shoe

4 stars21 April 2015

Scott Mens - great service

5 stars20 April 2015

Scott Mens - Excellent boots. Great fit well made with quality materials.

4 stars19 April 2015

Scott Mens - the leather/sole glue joint is coming apart on my other pair,but still they are comfortable and serve as a winter boot for toe freedom. If you could make a rubber wellington boot, they are the only non minamalist shoe /boot that I wear now.

5 stars18 April 2015

Scott Mens - Great boots - some of the most comfortable I've ever had. Quality is excellent, style is very very good (even my wife complimented them!)

5 stars16 April 2015

Scott Mens - Exactly what I wanted and expected!

5 stars13 April 2015

Scott Mens - Love these shoes

2 stars10 April 2015

Scott Mens - Over priced and poor quality. I was really looking forward to getting these boots and on my first outing with them the leather took a battering due to poor quality and the simple sole that was glued on started coming loose. Also the bad Stiching placement inside across the top of my foot rubbed quite badly on both feet. All in all I am very disappointed as I really want to support vivo as I believe in what they are trying to do. Unfortunately they have let themselves down with the quality of the or products and unless this changes I will never buy another pair. And will worn others of this case.

5 stars09 April 2015

Scott Mens - Wonderfully comfortable!

5 stars09 April 2015

Scott Mens - They are a lovely design and very comfortable.

5 stars09 April 2015

Scott Mens - Great quality shoes, nice barefoot feel whilst feeling protected. Watertight as said in the description.

5 stars09 April 2015

Scott Mens - Great, love them!

1 stars07 April 2015

Scott Mens - The sole bonding is terrible. My first pair started losing bonding after 2 weeks or so. The replacement pair is also starting to lose bonding after 2-3 weeks of usage.

But I love the shoe ... besides the sole bonding, these shoes are excellent.

2 stars04 April 2015

Scott Mens - The first pair had a cut above the vulcanised seam and obviously visible, the replacement seems to be ok for now.

2 stars29 March 2015

Scott Mens - I love the shoes, however on one side there a little bit of glue. Not too much to return them and pay for shipping, but enough to lower the rating.

5 stars26 March 2015

Scott Mens - They were comfortable straight out of the box and they have instantly become my everyday shoe of choice

5 stars21 March 2015

Scott Mens - These are now my favourite boots of all time! So comfortable

1 stars17 March 2015

Scott Mens - Two pairs failed almost immediately. The first ones the sole began separating from the upper. Holes formed where the two meet. The second pair one of the eyelets was not put on correctly and it fell out causing the canvas to start unraveling. It also appears that the sole is going to start separating soon. All I do is wear them to my office. Not exactly tough on shoes. Very poorly made. No QC/QA system.

4 stars07 March 2015

Scott Mens - The structure of the shoe amazed me (so versatile) but the leather on it disappointed me : just a few toes wigglings and definitive marks appeared on it.
That's the first time it happens to me so fast with leathers.
But I add more value to the function than the style so it's GOOD!

4 stars04 March 2015

Scott Mens - Good

5 stars03 March 2015

Scott Mens - Theyre the best!

5 stars27 February 2015

Scott Mens - Excellent service

5 stars21 February 2015

Scott Mens - Great products. Shipping took longer than anticipated.

4 stars20 February 2015

Scott Mens - Vivo have super nice shoes but it seem the quality is not always there... It's to bad it's made in China...

5 stars06 February 2015

Scott Mens - Very comfortable and relaxing to wear. Worn around town and for Sunday afternoon walk in the woods with the family. Love that you can feel the ground so well. Pretty good at keepi

5 stars05 February 2015

Scott Mens - Fixed earlier shipping problem

5 stars03 February 2015

Scott Mens - superb. Boots that I want to wear to bed

5 stars03 February 2015

Scott Mens - Very happy with the new product: early days to judge how durable it'll be, but I have high hopes.

5 stars01 February 2015

Scott Mens - Great shoes, very comfortable, perfect for winter :)

5 stars01 February 2015

Scott Mens - They are absolutely perfect.

5 stars31 January 2015

Scott Mens - Outstanding! I love these shoes. Warm protective and comfortable.

5 stars31 January 2015

Scott Mens - Prompt service

5 stars31 January 2015

Scott Mens - Fits perfectly

5 stars30 January 2015

Scott Mens - Expensive, but the shoe fits very well and is warm enough. We will see how it holds up over time! Great shoe!

5 stars30 January 2015

Scott Mens - Great Scott mens shoes

4 stars29 January 2015

Scott Mens - Good

5 stars29 January 2015

Scott Mens - The shoes are top notch absolutely excellent. The customer service is HORRIBLE. I have repeatedly contacted Vivobarefoot regarding discount codes that didn't work and have never, not once received a reply.

4 stars29 January 2015

Scott Mens - Overall good product. Disappointed with the quality though. They are only a couple weeks old but the soles are already separating from the uppers around the sides. I'll have to put some glue in there soon. Perhaps should consider a stronger glue or method of attachment.

2 stars29 January 2015

Scott Mens - We love your shoes, but consistently struggle with sizing. Size 40 (ladies) fitted my wife in one model, but not a different one. Frustrating, especially when we order shoes online (There is no Vivo Shop in the Netherlands).

5 stars29 January 2015

Scott Mens - High quality materials, beautiful design, very comfortable shoes.

4 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - I liked the design of the Scott's but returned them even so. The brown leather was too dark and unappealing. I'd be all over them if they were made with the Hopewell Tobacco leather like the Gobi II's.

5 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - Very pleased

4 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - I feel a bit mixed about them. They are wide, which is great, but at the same time they are quite low, which is more or less fine, when wearing, but real pain getting them on. I have to loosen the strings all the way, or i can't get them on.

5 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - They should give credit to in their password reset mail.

5 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - Love it. Sized a bit large, but I suppose this makes sense on a winter boot,

5 stars28 January 2015

Scott Mens - Excellent shoes for winter. Love them!

5 stars27 January 2015

Scott Mens - Very comfortable - you feel grounded in the nicest possible way!

4 stars26 January 2015

Scott Mens - Really great... only problem I've encountered is that the heel pull tab came loose in the first week. So I'm not using the pull tabs anymore. But, the stitching and/or design could be stronger on that part of the boot. Otherwise, they're awesome.

5 stars26 January 2015

Scott Mens - My 8th pair of vivo shoes, safe to say i think they're great.

4 stars26 January 2015

Scott Mens - Very good shoes

5 stars25 January 2015

Scott Mens - Great shoes - they look great on and are amazingly comfy. I haven't had vivo's for a while and now I remember how good they are I need more.

4 stars25 January 2015

Scott Mens - Happy with the shoe. Some concern regarding the gluing between the leather and sole, but early days. I am waiting to see how this pans out, will return the shoe if it becomes a serious problem.

5 stars24 January 2015

Scott Mens - They fit larger than expected.

5 stars24 January 2015

Scott Mens - Much better than I thought. They are starting to look a little lived in already but I have worn them lots. As these are my first pair of casual Vivos I'm already thinking about getting another pair.

5 stars24 January 2015

Scott Mens - Please see above. As they softened with use the leather around the toe area started to come away from the sole. Despite this they are a lovely shoe

4 stars24 January 2015

Scott Mens - Not warm as anticipated

5 stars23 January 2015

Scott Mens - All I ask is to make a vegan friendly version of the Scott. Hate paying for leather but my feet were cold and I don't have any cold weather vivos.

5 stars22 January 2015

Scott Mens - Feels really good quality leather, comfy fit, good sized toe-box allows freedom of movement.

4 stars22 January 2015

Scott Mens - I ripped the pull tab in the back within thr first 20 min of wearing shoes so that was disappointing. I like the shoes however.

4 stars22 January 2015

Scott Mens - They are a bit expensive

5 stars22 January 2015

Scott Mens - These shoes are amazing. Wish I could always wear them, guess that just means I'll have to buy another pair to go with my active wear.

5 stars22 January 2015

Scott Mens - wonderfully made, comfortable, quality and both stylish yet subtle every day shoe. perfect thanks

4 stars20 January 2015

Scott Mens - This is 2nd time I've been asked for feedback. The first time I had only had the shoes a few days. After further wear there have been some concerns. One of the eyelets on brown pair came out. Nothing big but disappointing and something I have to get fixed. The leather on the black pair appears to be perptually scuffed. I've polished them and buffed them. Anyway that's disappointing too. Fortunately they still feel great.

4 stars20 January 2015

Scott Mens - I returned my previous 2 purchases (Gobi and Ra winter proof's) because they were too tight, even though the size was right my feet were squeezed top to bottom.
My scotts are perfect though. Not sure the winter proofing is enough for very cold countries, my winter's min temp. runs about 8Celcius.
Shame about the no stitch soles, this is new and it is not as advertised.
The actual picture on the site shows the boots with stitched soles, not glued, I got them glued. Let's see how long before they start coming off.

5 stars20 January 2015

Scott Mens - communications via mail and phone have been correct!

5 stars20 January 2015

Scott Mens - When I first got them, I was a little apprehensive since they seemed so large. Now that I've been wearing them, they fit perfectly and keep my feet warm and dry. Even when I walk to school they are comfy all day.

5 stars19 January 2015

Scott Mens - Working well in the wet cold winter

5 stars19 January 2015

Scott Mens - Simple, beautiful and comfortable -I get compliments on these shoes.

5 stars19 January 2015

Scott Mens - This is an incredible shoe. Very well made and comfortable. The bottom is quite grippy as well. A keeper.

5 stars18 January 2015

Scott Mens - It's terribly difficult to do returns and exchanges. We considered not purchasing again due to the difficulty of returning or exchanging.

5 stars18 January 2015

Scott Mens - Love it in the wet winter!

5 stars17 January 2015

Scott Mens - Very happy

5 stars16 January 2015

Scott Mens - Much better in real life than in online pictures.

5 stars16 January 2015

Scott Mens - Barefoot shoes are the best thing I've ever worn on my feet, incredibly comfortable and stand up to a lot of wear. Look good too.

2 stars16 January 2015

Scott Mens - Overall, I like these boots. I wanted to really like them, but they're certainly not up to keeping my feet dry in heavy rain, despite the description on the website of them allowing me not to worry about the weather. I've come home with wet (and cold!) feet a few times after walking the dog around the streets near home, even staying out of puddles as much as possible. I swithered about the rating, but in the end, because I have to try to find some way to stop water getting in, I went for poor. So close to being great...

5 stars16 January 2015

Scott Mens - Great look and feel. Dressy enough for work

5 stars15 January 2015

Scott Mens - really nice pair of boots... exactly what i wanted.

4 stars14 January 2015

Scott Mens - You need a better selection/ size availability
The quality of the shoe is good, but didn't justify the price

5 stars13 January 2015

Scott Mens - Great shoes. Boyfriend happy. Dry feets.

5 stars12 January 2015

Scott Mens - Nice shoes!

4 stars12 January 2015

Scott Mens - Products are good, but very expensive

5 stars11 January 2015

Scott Mens - excellent products and service

5 stars09 January 2015

Scott Mens - Best boots I've owned!

5 stars07 January 2015

Scott Mens - Comfortable, durable, warm, fit well!

5 stars07 January 2015

Scott Mens - Love the feel, love the look, and they do keep my feet nice and warm out in the cold!

5 stars06 January 2015

Scott Mens - Love your entire inventory!

4 stars06 January 2015

Scott Mens - Look great, feel great.

4 stars05 January 2015

Scott Mens - Very comfortable!

5 stars05 January 2015

Scott Mens - routinely out of stock on items. Styles seem to disappear from the store without warning without being available for what would seem a sufficient amount of time.

5 stars04 January 2015

Scott Mens - The best shoes I've ever had.

4 stars03 January 2015

Scott Mens - Really good everyday shoes. I like a lot their look.

4 stars03 January 2015

Scott Mens - I love the fit around the foot itself. However, the upper makes it a little difficult to get on. In fact, I ripped the little pull-on loop on one of the shoes in my attempt to do so. Also, I've noticed that one of the grommets on the eyelets has come loose. Hopefully the big stuff--stitching around the sole--will hold. Otherwise, great shoe.

5 stars03 January 2015

Scott Mens - Best I have ever purchased

5 stars02 January 2015

Scott Mens - Great product

5 stars02 January 2015

Scott Mens - its incredible how warm my feet are. It would be cool if y'all had a recommend leather conditioner to use when I put them up for the winter. I would like to have them looking the way they do now for at least 2 more seasons

4 stars31 December 2014

Scott Mens - Toebox and fit appear a bit small with the insole. I removed it, and it fits fairly well though where the canvas and leather met on the lip, it is felt on my foot. Could be improved with slightly wider to accomodate the heavier insole and something to smooth the canvas-leather confluence.

4 stars29 December 2014

Scott Mens - Size 41 EU in Scott is bigger than 41 EU in Freud, and size 40 is not available.

4 stars28 December 2014

Scott Mens - The shape of the shank of the shoe is a bit too narrow, which makes it a bit hard and slow to put the shoes on. I tried to pull the shoe on from the loop on the back, but it did not bear it and the loop detached from the in side of the shoe. Also the shoe is not "winterproof" enough for Finland's cold winter, but with wool socks it is bearable. Otherwise I like the shoe and the barefoot feel even though there is a quite thick insole, which you need during winter.

5 stars26 December 2014

Scott Mens - Very good, but there should be an automatic deduction of sales tax when shipping outside EU. Vivobarefoot was kind enough to refund me the tax upon request, or else I would have paid double sales tax (always paying import tax when receiving).

4 stars24 December 2014

Scott Mens - Well it said winterproof, i shoulda guessed it wasn't prepared for an Irish winter. The second day out my feet got soaked, rainwater soaked straight through the canvas. But they are super warm apart from that. Thanks Vivo

4 stars23 December 2014

Scott Mens - Really good shoe, but probably a bit of an overstatement to call it a winter shoe. Maybe in the UK it qualifies, but anywhere where you have colder winters it does not work.

5 stars23 December 2014

Scott Mens - Great company, great products, great customer service.

1 stars22 December 2014

Scott Mens - I returned the Scotts due to the terrible construction; Thanks for the quick refund.
I'll likely buy a pair of Trackers in the near future instead.

5 stars22 December 2014

Scott Mens - These boots are outstanding! Comfortable, well made, stylish, and above all are warm and well weatherproofed. I did a 15k hike in very wet conditions, more than they are designed for, and they stood up to the task excellently. Very impressed.

4 stars20 December 2014

Scott Mens - These seem really good so far
Warm, appear waterproof and really comfy
Hopefully they will last better than other pairs I have had

5 stars19 December 2014

Scott Mens - There is a SLIGHT mis-stitch on my shoe, but I couldn't be bothered to return. They feel great, and after a month, I am already seeing an improvement with my tendonitis problems. Yoga is getting MUCH easier, I must say. I didn't sleep last night as had some cramps in my right foot. Now, I see this as a positive, not a negative. There are going to be changes and the body will react in its own way. I HOPE!!
The shoes are a tiny bit wide looking, but probably the shape our feet should be (having lived in the amazon for 5 years I have seen lots of feet that would fit them perfectly!). this space, so far so good. Just wish they were a little cheaper as I would buy some more (these boots do take a bit of getting on compared to the trainers I am used to!).

4 stars15 December 2014

Scott Mens - Good service & products

5 stars14 December 2014

Scott Mens - As someone who loves being barefoot this really feels quite natural while still getting grip, staying warm and protected in the colder seasons.

4 stars14 December 2014

Scott Mens - Most shoes are great, some do have small defects, e.g. in one shoe, the little piece of metal that guides/holds the shoestrings through the top string hole came loose after a handful of wears. Generally no major complaints.

5 stars13 December 2014

Scott Mens - I love the shoes so much! I own like 5 pairs now. I returned 2 recently because they were the right style, but between the $300 fancy shoes I got, the scott mens boots for $185, and the countless Ra and Gobi's I've bought, it hink I've spent more than $1k with you guys.

5 stars11 December 2014

Scott Mens - These are an excellent boot - comfortable, supple, robust and most of all warm!

5 stars10 December 2014

Scott Mens - So far I'm really enjoying these. They are exactly what I wanted them to be.

5 stars10 December 2014

Scott Mens - great winter boots

5 stars09 December 2014

Scott Mens - Hh

5 stars09 December 2014

Scott Mens - Excellent quality. They look good!

4 stars09 December 2014

Scott Mens - The wideness at the front half of the boot makes them look odd, otherwise the design is quite nice. So far been quite dry & warm.

5 stars07 December 2014

Scott Mens - Typical Vivobarefoot feel giving freedom to your feet.

4 stars05 December 2014

Scott Mens - I like the boot , like it better if all leather and more insulation ...

4 stars05 December 2014

Scott Mens - The shoes have been good so far. I'm afraid of them breaking down on me quickly because my friends vivo-shoes were of poor quality and broke down in 6 months..
I've had mine for a month now and there's been some small cracks on the part where the sole connects to the rest of the shoe, but they havent gotten larger lately so it might be ok.

4 stars03 December 2014

Scott Mens - Easy to order online. Incredibly fast shipping

5 stars03 December 2014

Scott Mens - They feel and look great.. Now let see if they will last...

5 stars02 December 2014

Scott Mens - Before I started wearing Vivobarefoot shoes a little over a year ago, I had some minor pain issues in my heels. My mother actually has a similar issue, except in her case it is more severe and has actually gone to a foot doctor to have it checked out. Now she wears shoes that have arch support built in. I tried going the arch support route for a while, but always found that it hurt my feet. When I discovered Vivobarefoot, after having going through the educational videos Vivobarefoot had to offer, I realized that the pain I was experiencing in my feet was due to heel striking. Now after fixing my posture and walking in Vivobarefoot for a little over a year, I don't have any issues at all!

4 stars01 December 2014

Scott Mens - I like the products a lot. I think that the quality is sometimes a bit 'meh' but the products are great. I think its very important to buy the correct size otherwise the products get crease marks in.

I have only worn the Scott a few times. And so far so good. Haven't tested it properly yet. Let's see if it endures

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