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Handcut Porto
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Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto
Handcut Porto

Handcut Porto

A premium handcut desert boot with style and soul

The Porto is a sturdy, premium desert boot made from exquisite Portuguese leather. Available in brushed Tan or black, this robust boot will make easy strides through your day to day.

Style code: 300022-02



The Porto, like all other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, is built with your foot in mind; the toe box is wide and allows your toes to load, splay the space they need. The 4mm thin sole is completely flat from heel to toe and lets your arch function completely naturally.

The Porto holds its own in terms of style, quality and barefoot principles; staying true to our unique Pure Barefoot Technology principles and is designed and built to our high standards. You’ll get total flexibility from the unlined leather as your feet behave as if they are barefoot in style. The 4mm sole is stiffer than other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes but is still allows your Great Toe to engage rapidly with the ground as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement.

Enjoy a great sensory experience with the Porto’s, and be safe in the confidence that these long wearing boots can go the distance, allowing your feet to rediscover your surroundings with style and attitude.

  • Transitioning to barefoot.
  • Learning to walk before you run. (relearning the skill of natural movement is best done slowly)
  • A spot of shopping and a bite to eat.
  • Navigating your way through the pub to the bar.
  • Discovering the Taj Mahal or Iguazu Falls - the Gobi is a perfect lightweight and durable shoe for globetrotting.
  • Taking on the downtown hipsters with your 'take notice' walk.
Upper material
Upper description
V Premium Leather
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Hand crafted using minimal components and minimum chrome leathers
4 stars17 November 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Boring shoes. Expensive for what they are. Returned them. Refund processed quickly.

4 stars12 November 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - I like these, like the leather and style - very nice.

5 stars05 November 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Trying to find smart shoes that don't hurt or restrict your feet's natural spread is nearly impossible. I love my new Porto's. The tread is a little thicker than you will find with other Vivo's but the comfort is still there. I'm a true convert.

1 stars01 November 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Very worried about the amount of wear on the sole after just two full work days. I don't think they are going to last long!

5 stars30 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Great

5 stars30 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - excellent

5 stars30 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - my second pair. They're perfect!

5 stars28 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - I love VB shoes. I've owned a pair of brown suede Gobi's for a year and a half and wear them everyday (until I got these Portos which I wear to work now). The Portos are a bit more stiff in the sole than the Gobi's, but they're breaking in more each day and it's great to have a nice pair of leather shoes that I can wear with chinos at work and still be "barefoot". I can't stand heels in shoes, and I hope VB continues to produce shoes in this dressier vein. Not sure I'd wear these Portos with a suit, but they're fantastic business casual shoes.

5 stars27 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Quality of the leather and construction is excellent.
The leather is quite thick which made the gusseted tongue feel a bit lumpy and uncomfortable at first but it soon "broke in" and is no longer noticeable. Would recommend.

5 stars23 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - My third pair. I like them.

5 stars21 October 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Fit well. Feels a bit larger the. Others vivobarefoot shoes which I own but generaly it is ok. Look and quality is excelent as expected. Sole a bit less ductile then expected but stil good. I understand that leather sole i thicker then rubber. Thank you. I love your shoes and looking for more fancy designs. Textile summer shoes like COnverse whould be great.

4 stars17 September 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - better than expected

5 stars15 September 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Look great , feel great , I might possibly like a tiny bit more width but I think I have very large feet but still infinitely better than regular fitting shoes

4 stars14 September 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Grain of leather looks different from right shoe to left.
Not a deal breaker but would prefer both shoes to have smoother grain or rougher grain rather than one of each.
I expect this to shoe up more as the shoes age.

5 stars14 September 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Sole quality is improved from the previous model of Porto. Good.

5 stars10 September 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Shoes are very nice. Always difficult to buy shoes on line. But they are nice. Bought them on sale, otherwise they are really too expensive

5 stars27 August 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Look great. Fit is OK. I have a wide foot; tried 13 and 14. 14 is too long but I need the width. My foot is actually a 12. Extra length makes waking more clumsy.

2 stars19 August 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - I am a size 41, however your size 41 are much too big.
Also, the leather looked almost 'plastic' in texture, not something I would expect from such an expensive shoe. Perhaps this changes with wear and they become more leathery.

5 stars15 August 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Great shoes! A little stiff at first but the leather needs to soften with wear. They look great and I can happily wear these with a suit in London and no-one notices any difference. Naturally they are a little bigger than "normal" smart shoes which is noticeable in suit trousers, but that's part of the idea!

4 stars11 August 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - -

5 stars27 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Hope you run this line again.
Seem to be in between sizes in vivos
Wish you make a size UK 10.5 / 44.5
Hopefully build quality is of higher standard in higher priced hand cut range and they retain good look longer.

4 stars26 July 2015

Handcut Porto Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Prodotti ottimi. Veloci
Prodotto : Ben fatte. Molto curate.

5 stars20 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Very good quality

5 stars17 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Beautiful

5 stars17 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Fantastic service. Fast and informed

4 stars13 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Good shoes but very expensive for what they are - very basic shoes with good quality leather. There are not many details to fuss over, no exotic materials of construction, so it's hard to see where the high cost is justified. I bought them on sale, and I wouldn't have paid full price for them. Saying that, they are awesome, and there's really nothing else on the market quite like them.

4 stars13 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - bought 2 porto's, sole's a bit thick for what I'm used to in a vivo, but very comfortable and wide. smart too!
Concerned about the stitching on the sole, seems a bit fragile and prone to unstitching... we'll see how long it lasts.

5 stars07 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Excellent quality and comfort. This particular model fit me larger than other Vivobarefoot shoes I have. In the Porto I wear a 44 and in others a 45.

5 stars05 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Absolutely beautiful shoes both appearance and workmanship. I was a little apprehensive having read previous reviews, but was blown away. These will become a favorite for sure.

5 stars05 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Excellent shoe!

4 stars04 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Nice shoes with apparent quality of construction.

5 stars03 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Beautiful shoes!

5 stars03 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - It is not your fault indeed, that after the sale is anounced you can't get proper size and colour. Wish the various sizes the tan handcut porto will pop up again someday... Other than that - perfect company. Glad you are.

5 stars02 July 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - These are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet. My only hope is that you continue to produce shoes in size 49EU/15US.

4 stars30 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - the shoes look great. as far as barefoot walking, its a bit hard and maybe the soles are just a bit stiff at first but i found it a bit hard to keep my barefoot style walking in them because of the stiffness. but better than anything out there!

5 stars27 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - yes

4 stars24 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Vivo has been very helpful; i had to make some returns/exchanges related to size, and there were some mixups and miscommunications, but they promptly sent me what i needed, even as my return had not reached them yet. I appreciated this.

4 stars10 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Quality is good, minor fit and comfort issues but should wear in and considering the price paid I am happy with my purchase.

4 stars08 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Love them

2 stars05 June 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - The shoe is not true to size, so I had to go down one size. The look of the leather can vary greatly, depending on which batch you get. My first pair looked like the website photos, but the second and third were a duller brown with no visible grain. I prefer the look of the first pair, but will have to settle for the third pair because it's in my size.

5 stars28 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - ...

5 stars27 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Smart and comfortable. They feel as if they have been built with care and quality in mind.

5 stars26 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Great boot

5 stars22 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Love the product

1 stars20 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - The leather just doesn't match the pictures on the site. It appears to be much lower quality. I will be returning.

5 stars18 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Very happy with the boots, which is my first purchase from the company.

5 stars13 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Outstanding quality.

5 stars10 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - I love the Porto boots!! Please bring back the bannister in black and the green suede porto boots so that I will have more options to wear on a daily basis

5 stars09 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Shoes are super comfortable and look great, but they are a different color than the pictures would indicate (lighter color of brown than 'dark brown')

5 stars07 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Product itself is superb and really comfy! I was a little dissapointed by the quality of the product images on the website. They are a little misleading as they do not show the original colors as they should. But I think that can be influenced by personal opinion.

2 stars06 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - The shoe seems not true to size (larger), and the topline digs uncomfortably into my skin. I intend to go to my local brick and mortar store in New York City to try on a smaller size.

4 stars04 May 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - The leather is nice, and they are classy. However: the sole isn't as nice as the Hopewell's I've had for some time.

4 stars25 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Good

5 stars24 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - Beautiful craftsmanship

1 stars24 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - I purchased these shoes not more than two weeks ago for approximately $261. I assumed that because they were hand cut and stitched, the quality of the shoes would be better. The thread present along the sides of the shoes are already coming out and I haven't even worn the shoes, but just a few times. It is really unfortunate because I really like the way the shoes look, but I doubt that I will be able to wear them long term.

4 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - after 6 months with a Gobi 2 , the inner sole has a hole ! living in Paris , where i can find a new sole or did i need to order it ?
Thanks for answer

5 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - High quality, wearing in comfortably.

4 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - not smart enough for my needs

5 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Porto Mens - New favorite shows

5 stars15 April 2015

Porto Mens - Straight forward ordering, Speedy delivery, No fuss returns - can't be bettered

5 stars13 April 2015

Porto Mens - love these shoes! comfy from the moment I put them on.

4 stars09 April 2015

Porto Mens - Good

5 stars07 April 2015

Porto Mens - Purchasing over $2,000.00 worth of shoes in two orders from Australia is a real exercise in trust. However I am able to do this with full confidence due to having done it before (I buy all my shoes from you online), and have received excellent after sales service & help via email & phone, through which I have developed trust that the sizes, quantities & colours etc are right.

5 stars05 April 2015

Porto Mens - Shoes are great.

4 stars04 April 2015

Porto Mens - The Porto is a beautiful shoe, well crafted and elegant. I hope that it stands up to use over time.

5 stars25 March 2015

Porto Mens - Really great quality on the leather upper and the details. I was a little unsure if I wanted to drop $300 without being able to try them on, but I'm extremely satisfied.

5 stars20 March 2015

Porto Mens - Favorite shoes!

4 stars20 March 2015

Porto Mens - They are AMAZING looking. I get compliments on them all the time. I actually have two pairs, light brown and dark brown. The sole is a little stiff. It does break in but even after it breaks in it is still rather stiff. They are GREAT for standing and GOOD for walking (not great). I'm a music teacher so I'm on my feet all day, they have served me well thus far!

4 stars19 March 2015

Porto Mens - The quality of construction was excellent, but the sizing was off. I wear size 44 in almost all versions of VivoBarefoot shoes (I had to downsize to 43 in the Leonidas sandals), but the Porto was too long in the toe box. Bummer, as I really wanted to make the shoe work - ended up feeling like a clown shoe, so I returned it.

5 stars17 March 2015

Porto Mens - really like them!

4 stars08 March 2015

Porto Mens - Quality seemed fine and the look was great, but everything was returned for being entirely too large. While the sizing is typically about half a size up for me, even if they carried my regular size, it's clear, at least for the boots, that they would have been too big as well. So, inaccurate sizing.

5 stars21 February 2015

Porto Mens - Fantastic. A little pain in the beginning, but getting better.

4 stars29 January 2015

Porto Mens - Smart looking pair of ankle boots and appear to be made of high quality leather and well put together. The Vivobarefoot repair service is also comforting when spending well over £200 on a pair of shoes. The tongue and folded sections of leather along its sides are made of the same thick leather as the boots themselves. I find this too chunky and a little uncomfortable when the boots are tightly laced but maybe it will improve with wearing in. Thinner leather along the sides of the tongue might be better in future versions of this boot.

5 stars28 January 2015

Porto Mens - Most comfortable boots I've ever worn

5 stars22 January 2015

Porto Mens - Best Vivo casual/dress shoe by far! I have owned 18 pairs of Vivobarefoot shoes from Aqua, Evo, Dharma, Hind, Ra, Gobi, Freud, One, and so on. Love them all. I do miss the better ground feel the other Vivo's offer, but consider this to be a minor downside considering the otherwise excellent feel and look of the shoe.

5 stars19 January 2015

Porto Mens - Exquisite! Love the tan portos. Would like to get some black ones, too, as soon they are back.

5 stars30 December 2014

Porto Mens - Excellent quality shoes

5 stars22 December 2014

Porto Mens - Speedy delivery, happy with the products

4 stars22 December 2014

Porto Mens - Would be good to add some tips about keeping the leather in good condition as part of the packaging.

5 stars18 December 2014

Porto Mens - Beautiful, smart, comfortable.

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