Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II

Achilles II

A modern running sandal with unrivaled performance.
Multi TerrainMulti Terrain

Your foot has all the technology you need and the Achilles let’s you enjoy the beach, the light trail and your urban environment. A lightweight, split-toe sandal that features our patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole technology.

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Black Red/Yellow
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Fashioned with a removable and fully adjustable nylon strap, the Achilles is ideal for trail, beachside runs or urban exploration. The multi-terrain, 3mm outsole provides maximum proprioception and protection for whichever amphibious activity you choose to attack. Running downhill poses no issue in this 100% Vegan sandal as the split toe guard design offers comfort, control and protection. With the dual density construction, combining a high performance TPU cage and a softer eco PU foot bed, this modern-day Huarache running sandal allows for swift, skillful movement. Built with the foot in mind the Achilles let’s your feet function like nature intended. The split toe design ensures the toes can spay and recoil as if they were barefoot and ensures the Great Toe engages with the ground and provides the natural motion control you need for skilfull movement. The sole is thin and flexible to allow for independent rear– and forefore movement. The supple TPU upper is super flexible and the sole is flat and wide allowing your toes to load and splay and offer natural shock absorption. Our patented, puncture-resistant and ultra thin sole will enable all the sensory feedback your brain and nervous system needs to move as nature intended.

Beach runs and summer training. An adventure around the world. Spring time city sprints or casual urban adventures.

Upper material
Upper description
V-sense TPU: VIVOBAREFOOT's integrated 3D upper-outsole with medial toe bridge to maximize ball of the foot balance and response.
Sole unit
V Aqua 2
Sole thickness
Outsole: 3mm?insole:PU 3mm
Sole description
V Aqua 2: Classic multi terrain haxagonal grip you will stick to any terrain in and out of water with underfoot control and incredible sensory clarity.
Removable Strap: Removable webbing and perf PU strap provide comfort based on personal fit or use preference.
100% Vegan
2 stars29 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - i love vivobarefoot products.
this one, however, is uncomfortable for the toes...

4 stars25 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - the red color draws too much attention. fit comfortably but probably will only be used as beach sandals.

2 stars19 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - See ladies also the black was out of stock and i had to get the red which looks weird

4 stars17 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Slight fit issues where stiff toe post rubs on narrow toe space

5 stars13 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Nice sandals, a bit small

5 stars12 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Great product, think I bought one size too big as the depth of the V between big and 2nd toe is very important. Whilst not uncomfortable my next pair will be one size smaller.

4 stars10 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Too big so returned

5 stars09 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Great! Thanks for super duper fast ⏩ delivery to India!

4 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - These are awesome shoes to run in. I've always been a barefoot runner so these are pretty much like im running barefoot. However the biggest problem is that the big toe area and the in cut between the big toe and second toe is too rigid. Doesn't allow any flex. It also makes it hard for the really small rocks to get out so you're running and you've got tiny tiny rocks there.

1 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - The big toe is pushed against the enclosure. Couldnt wear them even once

5 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Great for trails!

5 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Bought these as a spare pair in case they get discontinued. Really like them for walking. Never tried running in them.

4 stars02 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - The strap could be better with more adjustability.

5 stars02 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - Excellent quality product. Sizing was a bit odd, so I was unable to keep the sandal for use.

5 stars01 July 2015

Achilles II Mens - I love my Achilles II!

4 stars01 July 2015

Achilles II Uomo - Nice

5 stars01 July 2015

Achilles II Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Tempi di consegna velocissimi e assistenza perfetta, il sito fruibile.
Prodotto : Veramente minimal!!

4 stars30 June 2015

Achilles II Hombre - Creo que tienen un producto excelente y por desgracias dificil de encontrar. Lo único que hecho de menos es más modelos para los pequeños de la casa, este año se han quedado sin zapatillas de verano ya que no había disponibilidad de numeros, todos agotados....

4 stars30 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - I don't find the toes to be very comfortable and would prefer an open-toed sandal.

5 stars30 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - This is my third pair of Achilles sandals. I like them.

4 stars24 June 2015

Achilles II Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : envio muy rapido
Producto : Bueno pero sera mejor si hay sandalies para la gente quien todavia no estan completamente adaptan a barefoot zapatos

5 stars21 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - Best sandal I've ever purchased. Very comfortable and fits well. I wear them whenever I get the chance! My feet are small so the strap is a little too big for me but its adjustable so not a huge issue.

4 stars21 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - Gets crazy attention, with rolling eyes :) because of the unique shape, but also because I chose the popping colours. Surprisingly rigid uppers, still taming them w/ plenty of blisters. Hopefully they will give before I give up. :(

4 stars04 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - I can't wear any other shoes now :)
I have the RA and Achillesll but are good, RA particularly better for my work.

1 stars01 June 2015

Achilles II Mens - I'm really disappointed because after walking 15 minutes with these sandals. I have blisters on top of each of my feet. This comes at a bad time because I run a marathon in 2 weeks. They cost me $ 70 plus $ 34 customs tax from canada. Price to pay for sandals that I will never wear...

4 stars25 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - The strap is too big and the size was a little big. They will take a little getting used to as they bind between the toes.

5 stars24 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - great

4 stars22 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - Running in them works! They feel great to put on. I get blisters on my second toe. Wish there was a better way forward on that. During the run, I was mostly on concrete and after a while I felt more like I was running on a piece of plastic rather than a second skin. I look forward to trying them in the sand next chance I get.

4 stars20 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - all good, expect the Ladies Achilles don't fit properly...

4 stars11 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - Service was convenient and quick.

5 stars07 May 2015

Achilles II Mens - Comfortable barefoot sandals.

2 stars27 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - Cannot find a size that works for my foot.

4 stars26 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - The section of rubber separating the big toe from the others seems like it could be slightly shorter, causing less potential irritation. Also the rubber wrapping over the side of the big toe could wrap over the toe more, as my big toe pops out of the slightly enclosure sometimes and this could be easily fixed I think!

2 stars19 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - I love to see the experimentation! I've had dozens of Vivobarefoot shoes over the years, but in my experience these sandals don't work all that well for either trail running or hiking.

I've put about 15 hours trail running in these, on trails that are mostly mountainous, and a mix of smooth and rocky / technical sections.

The primary problems are mostly caused by the split toe, which as far as I can tell really doesn't give any additional flexibility or grip compared to a sandal like the previous-generation Vivobarefoot Ulysses. At the same time, it causes a lot of design compromises:
1. It forces a disproportional spread between the big toe and second toe, compared to the spread between other toes. I go barefoot much of the time, so my toes naturally spread a lot, but this messes up the natural pattern.
2. Little pebbles and grit get caught much more easily compared to a simple flat soled sandal - it's much harder for them to just naturally fall out
3. If your toes aren't the same length or proportions as the Vivobarefoot average, then you'll get some rubbing on the first two toes.
4. The velcro strap is slow to adjust and doesn't seem like it should be necessary. I've tried anywhere from tight to loose and it doesn't make a great deal of difference in how the sandals fit.

Like I say, thanks for trying new things! This particular one I'll chalk up to a learning experience - but this pair of Achilles has gone into the bag of old things to be donated to charity.

In the meantime, I'm still using my old Ulysses sandals - which are spectacularly good, and have many hundreds of hours of trail running and trekking on them, and are still going strong. With barefoot, simple is almost always better.

2 stars10 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - Very narrow

5 stars07 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - these are as great as the 2 previous pairs of achilles. The strap is now ridiculously long and will have to be cut down but thats better than the old ones where the strap was only just long enough.

1 stars05 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - Have given me large blisters on my toes.

5 stars05 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - Haven't been for a run in them yet but excellent around and about.

4 stars01 April 2015

Achilles II Mens - The strap is way to long!!!

5 stars25 March 2015

Achilles II Mens - great sandals looking forward to using them this summer

5 stars12 March 2015

Achilles II Mens - Love these

4 stars28 February 2015

Achilles II Mens - Not sure about band

5 stars26 February 2015

Achilles II Mens - Top shoes

1 stars23 February 2015

Achilles II Mens - I would not buy again a little uncortable

5 stars21 February 2015

Achilles II Mens - Excellent

2 stars20 February 2015

Achilles II Mens - This product lacked the flexibility and comfortable fit of other vivobarefoot shoes.

5 stars12 August 2014

Achilles II Mens - Lovely sandals. Wanted to replace my FlipFlops with barefoot equivalents and found these. Work great!

5 stars30 July 2014

Achilles II Mens - I've been uising the Achilles 1 for a year now, and the newer version is definitely an improvement in comfort.

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