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Seb Drewett


Seb Drewett

Freerunner and Filmaker

For each adventure, I wear my Vivos without fail. To me, the comfort, look and technology are unparalleled & I can't wait to see where these shoes will take me!


Hetty Key

Adventurer and Trail Runner

Until Something Wild Trail Running Festival I’ll confess I knew very little about VIVOBAREFOOT – however I chose the Tracker hiking boot for women

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Hetty Key

Denise Hunter

An avid peak-bagger wears the Breatho Trails and hikes 10-30 miles a week

For over 20 years I had suffered with blisters, blackened toenails and twisted ankles from countless clunky boots and approach shoes, spending thousands of dollars in the meantime. My foot problems and frustrations kept increasing and I found myself deciding NOT to hike…it was devastating. In 2011, a friend mentioned the ‘minimalist’ concept of footwear and with nothing to lose, I bought my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. That same day I hit a short but steep trail and was blown away/elated by the performance of the Vivos and my perfectly happy feet! I was tremendously relieved and had an overdue boost of confidence and motivation to be in the mountains! This year I did something very different: I accomplished a goal to hike/climb 50,000 vertical feet (100,000 vertical feet total elevation gain/loss) in honor of Conley Tucker, my friend’s nephew on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. I established Climbing4Conley.org to build recognition and raise funds for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association and in addition, I am also Conley’s living kidney donor. In between peak-bagging this summer, I was tested and confirmed a perfect candidate for Conley and our transplant surgery will be in January. The process has been immense and indescribably rewarding. Needless to say, discovering VIVOBAREFOOT has given me the ability to stay physically strong, accomplish goals and positively change lives.

Andrew Parr

Elementary Physical Education teacher, Wisconsin.

I was introduced to VIVOBAREFOOT shoes by a colleague and friend of mine at a morning exercise group I participate in. From the first time I put a pair of Vivos on, I was amazed at how it felt to actually USE MY FEET again! I believe that as a society, we have forgotten how much information our feet actually can give our bodies, and these shoes have helped me relearn this! They have changed the way I move my body completely, and for the better. My lower back, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles have all benefited from these shoes. To take it a step further, we received pairs of Vivos for students that do not have their own shoes during their gym class. The students LOVE them. The only bad thing is they “forget” their shoes on purpose now just so they can wear them! As an educator of movement, seeing students free their bodies and move in these shoes brings a smile to my face. Thank you Vivobarefoot for your wonderful products!

Loren Barclay

A fitness, dance and Pilates instructor and presenter at various international fitness events.

As a trained dancer and Pilates instructor, posture is important to me. I was convinced that with my history, my alignment would be spot on- I was wrong! Having spent some time with Lee Saxby and Ben Vesconte I learned new postural exercises and have transitioned into wearing Vivobarefoot footwear daily now. Finally my toes are beginning to spread out (after being scrunched up in ballet shoes for years) and I'm delighted that my feet actually look nicer as a result. The training has changed the way I teach Pilates as I incorporate some of the exercises I learned into the class. I have a range of members from desk bound city workers to serious runners- many have commented on the positive changes they have experienced. I was so delighted with the all changes that myself that I got my mum a pair at Christmas. It was a bit of a risk given that she has chronic fatigue and doesn't do much walking and absolutely no running. She loved them, despite needed to be constantly convinced that they aren't too big! She wears them around the house and he noticed massive different in the shape of her feet- result! Thank you Vivobarefoot for helping me and many others to improve posture, function and give us happy happy feet!

Mikko Myllymäki

A tang lang (a style of kung fu) specialist and gymnast

I bought my first VIVOBAREFOOT shoes this summer and they are great! I walk, run and train in them. Indoors and outdoors. Just came back from a hill sprint session in -16°C and destroyed the hill with my Vivos. I usually run about 2-3 times a week and I also like the feeling when walking with my Vivos (also on trail) and they also work great in my indoor training sessions doing all sorts of stuff from animal walks to squatting.

Jonathan Hinderliter

A runner, photographer and ultimate frisbee hero.

VIVOBAREFOOT as a company did all the things that really mattered to me from a company that makes minimalist shoes: the shoes stay true to their intended function and purpose, they educate people on how's and why's of barefoot/minimalist running, and their shoes look freaking SWEET. I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of "toe shoes", but my eyes light up the moment I saw a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Evos and haven't dimmed since.

Andrew Parr

Canadian Golf Professional

Until I discovered VIVOBAREFOOT about a year ago. I first began wearing their Evo’s as a everyday shoe as well as to train in. And I am so thrilled that they just launched their golf shoe, something I’ve been dreaming about. From a performance standpoint I couldn’t ask for anything else in a golf shoe. Tons of traction and even with the thin sole the shoe has more than plenty of stability. Being so close to the ground allows me to feel the contours of the course as well which is extremely important to me, every advantage helps.

Christian Haarala Björnberg

Runner, Triathlete

Two and a half years ago I was overweight and had BP, and my neurologist suggested medication. Instead, I started running 3 times a week. After 6 weeks my BP was down to normal but what followed was a period of 18 mths with various ailments from the strain, and constant physiotherapy. In frustration I Googled “why does it hurt when I run”, which led me to Christopher McDougall’s excellent book Born to Run. At this stage I was desperate to try anything. As a father of three young children giving up, and thus risking my health, was not an option. I tried on a few big brand name barefoot shoes but liked the feel of VIVOBAREFOOT Ultras best. I bought me a pair, and found instructions from Lee Saxby and Vivobarefoot’s website how to ease into ‘barefooting’. After 3 mths exclusively in my Ultras I was pain free. A month later I finished a sprint triathlon running in my Ultras. I’ve since bought Neo Trails for winter training and a pair of Neos for every day use. I’ve bought three pairs of Ultras for my children. I can’t imagine getting ‘regular’ shoes anymore.

Peggy West

The urban walker, walks again

Call me a woman who can’t be kept down for long. I had given up walking for exercise and enjoyment a while back when I was diagnosed with a neurological problem that threw off my balance and made my legs and feet numb. My feet wobbled in my shoes and walking my usual urban paths was what I imagined a stroll on a tightrope would be like. Walking advice always starts out with “invest in a good pair of walking shoes”. It sounds so simple when someone else says it. I found plenty of sensible shoes, but the standard padded running and walking shoes pitched me forward onto my toes, shot me backwards onto my heels, and were so cushioned that I couldn’t feel the ground. I rolled, slid and fell on gravel or wet surfaces. The built-up sole and elevated heel caused me to roll over the sides of the shoe. I was falling off my shoes. They were like trying to keyboard wearing oven mitts…too much mitt, too much shoe. How much cushion and support does one person need? Where were my feet in all of this? I needed to grip the ground and let my feet be my feet. I found out about VIVOBAREFOOT when I googled “flexible-soled shoes”. With the minimalist design of VIVOBAREFOOT, the walker does the work of building ability, agility, flexibility and strength. It’s like having young legs and feet again. Now that I am walking for fun and adventure, I have a feeling of freedom again. I plan to increase my walking time and to tackle the hills, which Seattle is famous for.

Gabriel Rhoads

VIVOBAREFOOT Rehab: Gabriel’s dislocated Ankle

Wearing traditional heeled shoes every day significantly diminished my ability to further the recovery of my proprioception. It was so obvious. There is no ambiguity for me. I exhausted my options with rehab, went through two arthroscopic procedures to clean the cartilage and explore the answer to why I was having so much pain. The second I put on the VIVOBAREFOOT shoes I noticed my posture was better and my ankle began strengthening immediately. I began to feel ‘perky’ in my right leg for the first time in forever. The VIVOBAREFOOT tech is so legit. It is something I can wear every day with socks. I am now jumping rope for 10 to 20 minutes every morning. My ankle is getting really strong, and will soon have the lateral ‘understanding’ and strength to start running again. The jump rope is great because it is a simple repetitive movement that my ankle ‘understands’, but I will be moving on to Tri training soon.

Tim Bransdon

Podiatrist, father. Wollongong, Australia

As a podiatrist and athlete, I have spent countless hours seeking out shoes that are beneficial to the human foot – and finally found what I was looking for in VIVOBAREFOOT. I have been trialling VIVOBAREFOOT shoes for several months now, on myself, my wife and my little girl (three years old). My little girl has not worn another shoe since getting a couple of pairs of VIVOBAREFOOT; and not because I have selected her shoes - she gets her own shoes out of her wardrobe and puts them on herself. I also have been extremely impressed with the first three pairs of VIVOBAREFOOT I have been trialling, for work, casual and exercise. A lot of parents will worry about the thin sole wearing out quickly; assuming a thicker rubber sole will last longer. In actual fact, this is just another marketing myth the footwear industry has pedalled for years. Bulky, hard, crippling rubber does not ensure longevity of a shoe...just degradation of feet! The VIVOBAREFOOT soles are puncture-resistant but still highly flexible and lightweight; which, as they say, allow kids feet to move more naturally. As part of my exercise I regularly climb ropes. The descent on the rope rips the sole and upper, of every shoe I have worn previously, to shreds. After at least three dozen rope climbs in my VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, there is not a wear mark anywhere on the shoe – this is as good a test of rubber quality and durability as you could do. At my clinic (Wollongong Podiatry), I’ve performed my own in-house walking gait pressure analysis testing on my force platform in many pairs of shoes over the years. I was, and am still, truly amazed at the stark similarity between my barefoot images and the images in the VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. I show the test results to many patients to help explain the need for footwear that allow the 33 joints in each foot to function as intended. I love to show these results, as there is no marketing influence or bias involved, just my feet on the same force platform in many pairs of shoes, as well as without shoes. I have three images on my website showing the analysis results in an old pair of work shoes (similar to a school shoe design), barefoot and then in VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. So For those who have heard me moan and groan about the destruction of our feet by modern shoes, I have finally found a viable product to recommend with VIVOBAREFOOT for work, casual and performance, with a range that has something for the whole family. I have recently written an article on why I needed to seek out footwear that does not destroy our naturally amazing foot function, titled: "The Foot: Evolutionary Disaster or Persecuted Masterpiece?" Have a read if you get the chance.

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