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Zeno Watson on why training barefoot is best

July 12, 2013 by Zeno Watson

Zeno Watson on why training barefoot is best

Over the past few months I have been using VIVOBAREFOOT shoes as my go to training shoe to compliment my training in Parkour. When training as a Parkour practitioner it's important to condition and strengthen your feet, legs and core to be more resilient to potential injuries, especially from the hip down to the feet.   The training shoes we have come to know may look good and have plenty of padding/protection in the sole, however they maybe detrimentental to your training. Such issues as incorrect running mechanics, when running the heel is in contact first with the ground rolling onto the... Read More

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The Multi Terrain Evo Reviewed by Lose those Shoes

October 26, 2011 by Seema at VIVOBAREFOOT

The Multi Terrain Evo Reviewed by Lose those Shoes

The Evo was our first performance barefoot shoe, released in early 2010, with our multi-terrain barefoot sole. This Autumn we've added several new colour options for our bestselling Evo and Evo II . Here's what Lose Those Shoes said about Evo : "The Evo Sole is designed to be used on any terrain and is sturdy under foot." "The tongue on the Evo is well designed, just bulky enough so you don't feel the laces, even when wearing them barefoot." "The Evo is a great minimalist running shoe, the Evo has a large toe box so when you're running and your foot... Read More

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Getting involved outdoors: Gear to Grow

October 17, 2011 by Jamie Page

Getting involved outdoors: Gear to Grow

The Gear to Grow program allows outdoor retailers and manufacturers to make tax-deductible gear donations for the benefit of getting more people involved in outdoor recreation. Read More

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