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October 07, 2013 by Alysha Wood

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Replace “excellence” with “barefoot” and you’ve got the essence of VIVOBAREFOOT in Aristotle’s voice. Not an “act” or fad, but a true habit: a way of life, and an underlying state of being.

Recent years have seen us turn back to ancient wisdom like this in order to move forward. In our case, literally. Barefoot movement is essential to a continuously healthy lifestyle. However, baring your feet is great for on your beach holiday, but not ideal on busy city pavements and twig strewn forest floors. This may sound like we’re heading towards a stale mate, but again, ancient wisdom moves us forward...
Since the dawn of time humans have been barefoot. From the very first step, barefoot has been the natural state of being; footwear was functionally created by our ancestors, as a means of protection from the thermal and physical elements. These shoes were made using malleable and soft skins, leathers and weaves, enabling feet to freely develop and adapt to the natural environment.
That is how feet are meant to be: not encased in over-padded shoes with no connection to the ground we walk on. This broken connection removes your sensory awareness; diminishing your ability to respond to the ground you walk on, and in turn raising your risk of injury. In addition you’re being denied the tactile enjoyment of every step you take. Modern day shoes and trainers may provide “protection” from the elements, but they change the natural shape of your feet and damage your natural reflexes in the process.

This is where we come in. Our shoes: running trainers, everyday and beach shoes, for both adults and kids, are designed to let your foot do its thing. All within an environment that protects and nourishes the feet; allowing you to walk and run safely, whilst enjoying the exciting feeling of every step.
Our barefoot shoes allow your feet to move and grow the way that nature intended. Your body is naturally very intelligent and, given the environment our barefoot shoes provide, it will develop your feet into the two best companions you could ask for.
So if we are what we repeatedly do, ask yourself; what do you do? What do you want to be? Running skilfully across the marathon finish line in barefoot trainers? Taking the long way round with the kids on your walk to school, so you can each enjoy the feeling of the ground beneath your feet? Reaping the benefits of the natural, healthy feet you will develop in barefoot shoes? Your choices are endless.

Author: Alysha Wood

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