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Gobi: The barefoot desert boot

October 25, 2012 by Jamie Page

"As a casual shoe, the Gobi has everything you need." – BeginningBarefoot.com
In 1949 Nathan Clark, of Clarks shoes, designed the "first ever casual shoe", the original Desert Boot. Spring forward several generations and now two of the Clark family are striving to revolutionise footwear once again. The VIVOBAREFOOT MD, Galahad Clark and Head Shoe Designer, Asher Clark are radically changing the way people perceive footwear. They are creating shoes for 'real' feet and also shoes that will last a long time.
The VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi is the the ultimate barefoot desert boot. We have combined a thick full grain leather (total shoe weight: 245g/8.6oz) upper with our patented 3mm high abrasion puncture resistance sole and added round waxed cotton laces. It is also available in a thick suede (232g/8.2oz) too.
photo: runningandrambling.com
This review encapsulates what we wanted to achieve with the Gobi!

"On top of good looks, these shoes can dance! I’ve had them on my feet for the past couple weeks and have put some solid walking miles on them. So far, they’ve performed admirably." (beginningbarefoot.com)

Back in 2003, VIVOBAREFOOT embarked on a mission to change footwear and the industry that their very ancestors had been so influential in creating. By utilising the Clarks heritage and employing the existing knowledge and experience of traditional shoe manufacturing, VIVOBAREFOOT has been striving to produce shoes that are not only good for you, but also good for the planet .
BeginningBarefoot Gobi Review
photo: beginningbarefoot.com
Lee Saxby, our barefoot running expert said, "You can't be healthy on a sick planet", which has influenced our thinking since day 1. VIVOBAREFOOT continuously innovates and improves the way shoes are made, from using mechanical stitching and minimal glue use, to recycled leather and developing an extensive vegan range. These are just some of the techniques used to ensure that we're doing things the right way.
If you're looking for a barefoot shoes that looks great, performs well and will last longer than the average shoe, then go barefoot with the Gobi.

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