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The man with a LionHeart, AJ Calitz takes the title, again.

November 11, 2013 by Jamie Page

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Every Friday morning, without fail, there's a group of enthusiasts, a pack of runners, a tribe of people who storm up and down the Lions Head in Cape Town, for the fun of it. A significant proportion of these people are the Vivobarefoot Team, the whole team: the store manager, all the athletes, the director, friends and anyone who likes to end the week on a high!

This weekend the Lions Head hosted the annual Red Bull LionHeart race – a short but gruelling 4.4km sprint from the base of the Lion's Head to the top and back down again. VIVOBAREFOOT athlete AJ Calitz, in his Breatho Trails, took the tightly contested men’s final, shaving 30 seconds of his record and finishing only 11 seconds ahead of downhill specialist Thabang Madiba.

"I know how fast Kane & Michael climb, but also know Thabang goes downhill at the speed of gravity. My strategy was to attack on the climbs, so I was comfortable with the lead I had on Michael at the top, but when I saw the gap on Thabang I was really worried it wasn’t enough. This is a fun race and unique in the way it brings trailrunning to the people. There are not many spectator-based races where ‘average Joe’s’ can get to see guys like Ryan Sandes in action.

– LionHeart winner, AJ Calitz

Continuing her successful season, Landie Greyling took the women's title.
The top finishers were for the men: AJ Calitz (1st); Thabang Madiba (2nd); Michael Bailey (3rd); Ryan Sandes (4th); Kane Reilly (5th); Christiaan Greyling (6th); Nicholas Rupanga (7th) and Morne Van Greunen (8th).

And for the women: Landie Greyling (1st); Robyn Kime (2nd); Meg Mackenzie (3rd); Robyn Ferrar (4th); Kirsten Heath (5th) and Chantel Nienaber (6th).

Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

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