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Proper marathon preparation: start with the hardware and software.

May 28, 2013 by Jamie Page

“Proper Proprioception for your Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”
It’s a sense of pleasure and pain, such an overwhelming amount of joy combined with a surge of fatigue. It’s awesome. Crossing the line and completing a marathon, without injury and with a smile on your face, should not be undervalued. It’s even better experienced than described!

Born to run

The good news is, it’s doable, nearly anyone can achieve it, and that’s because humans were born to run; we evolved that way. To do it without injury and to really enjoy it should be the ultimate goal.
The price for inadequate preparation should not be underestimated. It is the part of the marathon that is probably the most important. Being adequately prepared on the day will not only make it enjoyable it will also make it repeatable.
But what does proper preparation look like? And how is it achieved?
Because a marathon is mainly running, minus a few photos opportunities and high fives; the training is simple. Very simple. Therefore, the most important part, before you start any training and running any miles, is ensuring your hardware and software are up-to-date.

Hardware update

When we talk about hardware we are talking about proper functioning anatomy and physiology of the body. Ensuring you’re using your muscles and tendons as much as possible, your big toe and skeletal system is fully utilised and your receiving all the information from your surrounds (70% off which come from your feet through proprioception) is key. If you can do this everyday, even when you’re not running, you are updating and improving your hardware all the time, you are adapting. Having a shoe that lets your feet do their thing is crucial and one that lets you carry on your daily life is perfect.

Re-install your software

Software is equally important. It involves re-engaging your brain with your body, mainly through sensory feedback – aided greatly by being barefoot or as close to barefoot as you can. Once you are aware of the ground, your body and the forces acting upon it you can make the appropriate shapes. You can do this simply by taking off your shoes or wearing barefoot shoe. But that is just the first step – completely re-learning the skill of natural movement takes more effort and time. This is usually because of a lifetime spent in inadequate footwear that stops your feet and body from functioning properly.
Software and hardware work together and the key element to this harmonious relationship is proprioception –both the instantaneous feeling of what’s going on as you take your strides but also the day-to-day, week-to-week feedback.
Luckily VIVOBAREFOOT have the resources to help you improve your hardware and software. Working with Lee Saxby, we have an lot’s of resources to help you prepare.
In the next article on barefoot running we will continue the theme of preparation and begin discussing how to plan your training schedule.

  Barefoot Marathon,  Vivobarefoot

  Barefoot Marathon,  Barefoot Running,  Proprioception,  Vivobarefoot

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