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June 05, 2014 by Jamie Page

Vivobarefoot Shoes

“It would probably shock you to hear that both men (34%) and women (46%) admit to buying shoes that don’t fit.”

It’s time to get in touch with your toes … welcome to the Feet for Life month! As your reading this on you’re probably already know how incredible the foot is and the importance of letting it behave naturally in footwear. You probably already know the human foot has 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments, right?

Apparently, British feet are getting longer and wider (although this assumption is based on some estimates taken in the 1970s so we can’t comment on the accuracy of this … interestingly it’s the same era Bill Bowerman and Phil Night got together and started confusing people will cushioning but that’s another story, or is it?).

More interestingly are the observations, also made by The College of Podiatry, that large numbers of people buy ill-fitting shoes. When asked what challenges they find when they buy footwear, 20 per cent said they struggle to find shoes that are wide enough and 51 per cent find it difficult to find comfortable shoes which they also feel are fashionable.

“The research suggests this is due to a lack of understanding of shoe sizes available, the growth in online shopping, not having shoes professionally fitted and knowingly buying the wrong size because of fashion or if the shoes are on sale.”

“It would probably shock you to hear that both men (34%) and women (46%) admit to buying shoes that don’t fit.”

It’s probably because these people haven’t discovered VIVOBAREFOOT shoes yet!

There’s no wonder that there’s a movement crisis.

We support The College of Podiatry (Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, SCPOD) on raising awareness of the importance of feet and keeping them healthy and we urge them to think radically on their approach. There’s lots of sensible things they advise but there are also some equally misguided recommendations they make.

Perhaps SCPOD will add weight to the paradigm shift in footwear, just like the American College of Sports Medicine did recently on their shoe fitting recommendations.

We stick to the principle that the human foot has (nearly) all the technology you need to live a long life with good mobility and movement to survive and thrive. Therefore any shoe should merely be thermal and puncture resistant and not support, restrict, impinge on the natural function of the foot.

It’s crucial that healthy footwear is flat and wide to enable the foot to splay and recoil and allow the muscles and tendons to provide all the natural shock absorption you need.

intelligent Footwear

A shoe should be completely flexible to allow for independent rear– and forefoot movement and to let the ball of the foot and big toe to engage rapidly with the ground. This will allow the skeletal system to provide all the natural motion control you need for healthy, natural movement.

Sensory feedback is crucial for skilful, injury-free movement and the brain needs as much information as possible from the soles of the feet. Thin, puncture-resistant soles ensure all this proprioceptive information gets to the brain.

All VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are made with these three principles and are designed to let your feet behave as if they were barefoot. They differ only to provide terrain specific grip or to provide some other type of function (waterproof, winterproof, breathability or to wear to work).


We have a sole for every terrain and shoes for different activities. Find the right barefoot shoe for you.

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