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Top tips for kids toes!

July 31, 2014 by Georgie Britt Hodgson

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Buying new school shoes? Feeling the pressure to buy the right shoes for your little ones? Here's my advice on what to look for in childrens shoes: a healthy choice for happy kids.


It's all about flexibility

The foot is a dynamic piece of anatomy, it can be strong sometimes and soft and malleable others. This dynamic strength is best utilised in a flexible shoe.

Tip: You should be able to bend the shoe in half, if it doesn't, it is too rigid and will limit movement.



Ultra-thin but still puncture-resistant

It's a bit of a no-brainer once you understand how kids develop and learn their motorskills (crawling, standing, walking running). Kids need footwear that enables their brain to connect with their environment (through the hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in their feet) and also protects their feet from harmful cuts and cold/warm.

Top toe tip: Choose a shoe with a sole that is as thin and tough as possible.



Make it flat and wide

Children's feet are undergoing a dramatic transformation from the soft cartilagenous beginnings to a fully ossified body.

Top toe tip: Look for shoes with a wide toe box, toes need plenty of room to wiggle, stretch and flex as children move and grow.



No support needed

Supporting the arch of a bridge from below makes no sense, so why the overpresiption of orthotics and heavily padded shoes in general? It's just wrong!

Top toe tip: Avoid shoes with arch support or bulky, thick soles as much as possible.


Vivobarefoot have a range of children's shoes for both play and school.


Neo Velcro

Neo Velcro Black


About the Author

Georgie Britt Hodgson is a Mother of two, lover of evolutionary medicine, the great outdoors, and being barefoot. Practitioner of Bioregulatory Medicine and trained by Lee Saxby.


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