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January 28, 2014 by Jamie Page

Ice Ultra powered by VIVOBAREFOOT

We're on a mission to produce shoes that can be worn in the harshest environments and terrains. We want to show that humans were born to run and have evolved as persistent hunters - able to cover long distances without injury. That's why we're sending our marketing director, Mark Purdy, to take part in the Ice Ultra next month.

Mark will be testing next year's Winterproof range, namely the new waterproof Trail Freak and aiming to complete the 230km over some of the most pristine snow covered landscapes in the world. Mark has undergone a year long transition from Injured to Ultra Marathon ready.


Trail Freak

The right tools for the job

Shoes are tools and have existed and evolved over thousands of years to protect the human foot from the elements whilst allowing it to move and behave naturally. Humans have settled in nearly every climate and terrain on earth and it is a testament to appropriate footwear that we have survived and thrived. It is only in our recent history that footwear has stopped being designed around the foot and its function and has instead followed fashion and pseudo-science trends.

That's why VIVOBAREFOOT exist. Picking the right tools for the job whilst letting your feet behave as if they were barefoot is the code that we design, produce, and sell our revolutionary shoes by.


Strong feet and strong minds

We believe strong feet and a healthy body undergoing regular, natural exercise is the key to a happy existence. The ability to perform an Ultra marathon may not seem like a natural task but covering long distances in harsh environments to survive is how humans came to posses the physical and mental qualities we all benefit from today.

That’s why we’re sponsoring the Beyond the Ultimate series of Ultra marathons, which set to challenge the norm and highlight the human potential to survive and thrive and to provide possibly the best testing environments for our shoes.

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