Which VIVOBAREFOOT shoes should you take traveling?

Which VIVOBAREFOOT shoes should you take traveling?

August 27, 2013 by Richard Brownsdon

I love adventurous travel. I love seeing new places, and meeting new people. I love going for a run on a new beach, and scrambling to the top of a new mountain. I don’t love heavy luggage, and I don’t love taking things that I don’t need.
For my last three-week adventure in Thailand, I took only VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. Lightweight, durable and good for your feet, they are pretty much perfect travel shoes. The exact combination of shoes you decide to take will depend on your chosen activities, but here are my must take recommendations.

#1 Achilles

It was going to be hot, wet, and sandy so of course I was going to need flipflops. OK, so I didn’t really run in them, other than to catch a tuk tuk and train that was pulling out of the station, but they were great, everyday casual footwear for the beaches of Phuket. They are comfy, lightweight and stay on your feet.

Occasionally used for a bit of kickboxing practice, aka a cultural exchange. Not necessary recommended for this.

#2 Breatho Trail

Great for trail running, but also as an all-purpose travel shoe. These shoes will take you wherever you need to go. For me, that meant road, trail and beach running.

Followed military training with the Thai Marine Park Rangers, including completing a full naval base assault course. And what do Marine Park Rangers, the Navy and Breathos have in common? They all do well in a bit of water.

#3 Ra

What about the times when you are not splashing about on assault courses, or hanging out on the beach? What about when you want to smarten up a bit? For those occasions I brought my RAs. Also, I knew I’d be attending some formal events. I was in Thailand for a blogging competition, so I knew there would be opening and closing ceremonies. And guess what? I won the competition! So the RAs even made a blurry appearance in my winners photo. Well done VIVOBAREFOOT, you are competition wining footwear!

Richard Brownsdon is a Travel Blogger and founder of Inspiring Adventures

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