Barefoot Running: Your Feet and Their Dream

August 05, 2013 by Toni-Marie

If your feet could dream, what would they dream about? Barefoot running across sandy beaches? A massage at the end of a long day? A bit of TLC?

Your feet and you: it’s a relationship that most of us rarely think about, yet it’s arguably the most important relationship in your life right now. Chances are, every day you struggle and squeeze into your poorly fitted shoes to go about your daily business: leaving your aching extremities yearning for those few precious moments of freedom encased in your cosy slippers with your morning cup of tea.

You wouldn’t wish this kind of torture on yourself, so why do it to your feet? Perhaps if you knew more about your kinetic companions, you’d love them that little bit more...

Your foot has 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments; 2 base camps that connect to the rest of your body and 1 desire to take you wherever you choose. So why not give thanks to your paws and let them run free? Let them run barefoot.

As humans our feet and body have evolved to embrace the earth: they naturally absorb the shock from the ground; they provide natural motion control and give constant sensory feedback, all to help you move safely, effectively and efficiently.

However, as people our feet have been stifled by the fad shoe; the temporary fashion shoe. VIVOBAREFOOT’s barefoot running shoes are designed to embrace your feet as nature intended: giving your feet the love they deserve and the technology to get those pads back on track.

Barefoot shoes are designed to give you the maximum sensory feedback your feet so desperately crave: our shoes work with the changing elements you face, the terrains you cross and the activities you choose. They come in a variety of styles and colours encompassing the office, the gym and the social aspects of your life; suitable for everyone from baby’s first shoe to that last stride across your first marathon’s finish line.

So whether you’re running on the road, tearing up the treadmill, or dutifully bustling about your daily business: barefoot shoes are a lasting, attractive and desired coating for your feet. Go on: give them the life-long treat they deserve and reap the benefits of a healthy relationship with your feet... What have you got to lose?

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