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The pinkie is on its way out, say hello to VIVO-4-Fingers

April 01, 2014 by Jamie Page

Because 5 fingers is too many

"We’re putting four fingers up to the evolution."

Humans are a product of evolution. Millions of years of natural selection and thousands of years of fine tuning have shaped the human race into a successful species that dominates its environment. In recent times human adaptation has begun to slow as the fight for survival has diminished. We are still a product of both genetics and environmental conditions and our ability to adapt and survive remains.

It recent time it has been argued that the only thing that is still evolving is our culture: how we learn and use our bodies and interact with each other based on learned information. We're evolving slowly through natural selection and rapidly through cultural evolution.

However, recent research from the Central Research And Paleology Institute has shown that physical adaptation is not over. Due to external environmental influencers the human foot is changing; due to narrow shoes with cramped toe boxes and elevated heels.

 Evolution of the foot

The result: humans are set to lose the fifth meta-tarsal. The pinkie is on it’s way out. Through extreme negligence by the majority of humans this physical transformation is set to occur immediately. The phrase “use it or loose it” has never been more appropriate.

"This is the first time in a some time that humans have shown signs of significant evolutionary adaptation.” Remarked Lead researcher Judith Lieds from CRAPI.

The sheer speed at which this evolutionary milestone is set to occur is the most outstanding part of this story.

"When our ancestors became bipedal around 6 millions years ago who would have thought this would happen. We didn’t, that’s who. But our Institute didn’t exist, nor did we for that matter. It’s incredible.”

All is not lost, we have good news for you. Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we survive because of high quality sensory feedback, we hold our ears close to the ground and we are always adapting to provide the best footwear we can. In light of this new research we have embarked upon an ambitious new direction for our footwear.

We are introducing the VIVO-4-Fingers. We’re putting four fingers up to the evolution.


We don’t have separate toe compartments due to the thermal loss that you would incur and also the effect this design has on proprioception. Instead we have adapted our existing design to suit your newly evolved feet.

Do you still have five toes?

If you haven't yet made the adaptation and you still have 5 toes there's good news – we have a wide range of shoes that are built with your feet in mind. Find the perfect shoe for you.

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