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AJ Calitz gets to grips with the new Breatho Trail

April 10, 2013 by Jamie Page

AJ recently not only won but broke the (his own) record for the KWay Platteklip Charity Challenge. He ascended the peak 12 times; the equivalent height of Everest in half a day in his Breatho Trails.

Here's what he had to say about these off road barefoot running shoes:
"The race was the first time I ran in the new VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho Trails, and we litterally ran 4 seasons in one day, it was cold, hot, windy, rainy, misty, cloudy, open skies all in one day. The grip was simply phenomenal, my feet are not sore nor tired, I have no blisters, black toenails, sore knees or any ailment whatsoever
- despite running 65km and climbing almost 9000m (my back doesnt even hurt, and it hurt like hell last year).

I thrashed the shoes properly, but there is not a single lug missing, hole in the upper or single sign of wear - despite my best efforts.
Well done, I dont think there is much terrain on earth more rough and rugged, muddy, slippery and rocky than what we did last yesterday (throw in some sole chewing tar into the equation) - the Breathos have truly arrived.
Well done on an fantastice product - I love it!
Yours in trailrunning"

AJ Calitz


  Aj Calitz,  Breatho Trail

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