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From London to Porto and back: The Story of Barefoot Luxury

August 12, 2016 by Lydia Harris

From London to Porto and back: The Story of Barefoot Luxury

The VIVOBAREFOOT HANDCUT range is designed in London, crafted in Portugal by highly skilled artisans, and is made using only the finest Tuscan leather. To tell the story of our luxury Handcut range, we took a select group of journalists to Portugal, to show them the unique process of craftmanship every VIVOBAREFOOT Handcut shoe goes through. Read More

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Trail running and product testing at Swedens Fjallmaraton

August 11, 2016 by Dale Turrell

Trail running and product testing at Swedens Fjallmaraton

Having just returned from Trillevallen, Sweden, for the AXA Fjallmaraton and weekend of brutal Primus Trail testing, we hear from Dale, our international Sales Manager, resident trail enthusiast and the smiliest man at Vivo. Read More

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Barefoot is best for little feet

August 08, 2016 by Angela Hanscom

Barefoot is best for little feet

Children need full freedom of movement throughout the day in order to develop the body and the senses properly. The feet are no exception. Children greatly benefit from walking barefoot to foster strong and capable feet and to safely navigate their surroundings. When children are required to wear shoes, I highly recommend Vivobarefoot. These shoes allow children to walk in stores, schools, and in other buildings, while still reaping the many benefits of being barefoot. My own daughters have Vivobarefoot and they ADORE them! They are super comfortable and I love that they are also supporting healthy foot development at the same time. Read More

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