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Vivo One

The One

Built for Gym

This shoe isn't called 'The One' for nothing. After making barefoot shoes since 2003 we have created the ONE shoe you need to live, move and perform barefoot. Ideal for on road, but equally at home in the gym or on a court this shoe can do it all.

Evo Pure

Evo Pure

Built for Speed

There’s nothing holding you back, it’s just you and the Evo Pure working together. This road running shoe will let your feet perform, as if they were barefoot. They’re stripped back to ensure it’s your feet that are in control.

Vivo Stealth


Built for Distance

Keep your cool, go further and last longer with the road running specialist: the Stealth. Experience the joy of road running and allow your feet to do their thing with the shoe that adapts to your foot. With the Stealth the longer you go, the better it feels.


  • Sole Unit: V - ROAD
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Upper Features: Lightweight upper lamination for stitchless lateral support.
  • Insole: Removeable 3mm insole
  • Weight: 189 gram
  • Purpose: Gym, Court, Lateral movement

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  • Sole Unit: V - ROAD
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Upper Features:  Hex-thin mesh for maximum breathability.
  • Insole: No Insole for the purest barefoot ride
  • Weight: 172 grams
  • Purpose: Race, Speed, Breathability

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  • Sole Unit: V - ROAD
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Upper Features: Performance mesh foam lining for foot adaptability and superior comfort.
  • Insole: Removable 3mm insole
  • Weight: 210 gram
  • Purpose: Distance, Comfort, Training

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The ONE is fine-tuned for a pure barefoot experience. Using a V web lamination upper and soft-fit lining, you can not only run but perform lateral movements with the assurance your shoe will let your foot it's thing. This, coupled with a 3mm puncture-resistant, slip-resistant, flexible sole, means with the ONE you can take to the streets and let your feet do what they do best.

The One has been designed around our core principle that the shoe should let your feet do it's thing - which we call Pure Barefoot Technology.  Experience maximum breathability from the PU laminate on hex thin mesh and ultimate flexibility from the patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole. Utilise your natural motion control by letting the Great Toe engage rapidly with the earth as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement. The One also has a Dri-lex lining with lycra collar: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort.


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Our newest road running shoe and our most Pure version of the Evo we've every created.  By removing the old, relatively thick, multi-terrain sole and replacing with our tried and tested pure-on-road 3mm puncture resistant, we're putting your feet back in control.  We've kept the hexagon mesh upper build from previous Evos such as the Evo Lite (although thats now lighter and more breathable).  

The Evo Pure is designed to offer a pure sensory experience for pure speed. The Evo Pure, like all of our shoes, has been designed around our core principle: that the shoe should let your feet do it's thing - which we call Pure Barefoot Technology: Experience maximum breathability from the thin and durable polyester mesh and printed upper and ultimate flexibility from the patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole. 


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Evo Pure



VIVOBAREFOOT's softest on-road / treadmill barefoot performance shoe. Three years in our heads, careful optimisation on the plantar pressure plate and months of road testing add up to pure fit, flex and feel – pure barefoot. Weighing in at only 200g, a breathable soft hex lamination upper works seamlessly with your foot to provide the very latest in barefoot performance footwear.

The VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth is our most refined barefoot running shoe - whether your running on treadmill, indoor training, on the court or distance running - 10k, half-marathons and full marathons. 


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