The huarache barefoot running sandal
Multi TerrainMulti Terrain
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From the beach to the street; Ulysses is perfect for summer-loving feet.

Style code: 200040-01

Black/Graphite Teal Grey/Turquoise
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The ULYSSES, a modern take on the huarache running sandal, has been designed to let you move as nature intended, support your feet on beach runs and Summer strolls, and still feel the air between your toes.

With the ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole and finely tuned, slim line upper strap, you can’t get much closer to living barefoot than Ulysses, with all the underfoot protection your feet need. Ancient wisdom inspired it, modern technology refined it; Ulysses lets your feet move freely so you can take in the joys of Summer.

  • Beach runs and summer training
  • Spring time city sprints
  • City hopping and globetrotting
  • Sunny strolls and outdoor bars
Upper material
Upper description
PU Laminate on microfibre. Elastic straps.
Sole unit
V Sandal
Sole thickness
Sole description
Abrasion resistant rubber bottom with 1.5mm layer for maximum comfort
100% Vegan
5 stars26 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - I am actually a male and had to buy the female sandals because the male version was not available anywhere. These are awesome sandals. I have a severe disabling injury to my ankle that makes any shoes painful to wear because my foot only flexes down not up like most shoes. So I have gone totally barefoot for close to 20 years now. But there are times, very rare when I do need some type of foot wear. These are prefect and do not hurt my foot to wear them. I still prefer to be barefoot but these are great for those times I need something to wear on my feet.

My only complaint is that the male version are not available and these seem to no longer be available either. Please consider continuing to carry these sandals. The female version of the sandals fits me perfect and I am happy with them. My only suggestion would be to add a way to adjust the sandal to make it tighter on your foot.

2 stars26 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - They don't stay attached to the ankle well, so I still have some toe gripping unfortunately.

4 stars26 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Perhaps a bit more grip/tractioned material between the foot bed and the foot. I'm Experiencing a little bit of sliding/movement. I would be afraid to use these as running sandals for fear of breaking through the straps with the unnecessary movement.

4 stars24 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - They are a great looking sandal. I was surprised by how hard the sole was. I will try them out when the weather warms up.

4 stars20 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Looks good.

5 stars20 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Happy. Waiting for spring and summer.

5 stars19 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - ok

4 stars14 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - The sandals were loose when I got them, but I wet them and out them in the dryer to shrink and they fit much better now.

4 stars13 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - The shoes are still my favorites. Though I train barefoot, Vivos are my everyday shoes. I own 8 pair now, and only going to expand. However, I am still charged a foreign transaction fee (inconvenient and unexpected).

5 stars09 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Please open more stores in the Eastern US!!

5 stars08 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Havn't used them much yet, but I like all shoes from Vivo barefoot!

4 stars07 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - the elastic is a bit on the tight side so may chafe, don't have the weather to test them yet!

5 stars06 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - I hate thong sandals so I extended far beyond my comfort zone. LOVE my Ulysses and will order more when I wear out this pair. Great teal color!

1 stars06 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - There's no way to adjust them to make them not fall off.....foot moves all over

5 stars05 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Awesome shoes! Is there a store in California?

1 stars04 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Returned, too big

2 stars04 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Did not fit. They slid off of my foot while walking. Although I ordered the same size as the others, this one needed to be returned for another size. I have not received the new pair yet, but am hoping for it soon. They look cute, though, and I really hope this new pair fits!

5 stars04 March 2015

Ulysses Ladies - They feel great and stay on and let my feet move correctly

4 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Good

5 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - fit and comfort excellent

1 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - One shoe fit, the other was too loose.

4 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Awesome colour (teal) and felt comfortable. Haven't worn enough yet to ascertain whether the material between the toe will rub...

4 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Too loose.

2 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Sizing not consistent. 39 too small. 40 too big.

5 stars26 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Perfect

5 stars25 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Excellent

4 stars22 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Runs 1/2 size smaller than other VIVObarefoot shoes of the same size.

5 stars22 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Prompt

2 stars19 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Didn't fit well at all

4 stars19 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Good flip flops that will stay on my feet

5 stars18 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Really good, lovely colour (teal) and comfortable

2 stars18 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - The soles are really thick and stiff for a barefoot shoe. Fit is good, I sized down as I normally like a lot of room in the toes but thought the elastic would then be too loose. Good choice, fit is perfect. Like the color a lot.

2 stars18 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Too loose fitting.

5 stars07 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - beautifully made, comfortable, exceed my expectations

5 stars05 February 2015

Ulysses Ladies - Fabulous. Not wearing them much yet. Planning on a white pair for my wedding :)

5 stars29 December 2014

Ulysses Ladies - super comfortable, good fit

4 stars23 December 2014

Ulysses Ladies - The thong between the toes is a bit tight, but tolerable. I decided to keep them in hopes that, with wear, there will be more "give." I of course love the thin sole.

5 stars22 December 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Love Vivo!

4 stars22 December 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Did not fit

4 stars22 December 2014

Ulysses Ladies - my wife didn't like the way it felt between her toes. not sure why

4 stars23 November 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Comfy but surprisingly reflective! Wasn't expecting the Scotchlight but looking forward to wearing them next summer anyways!

4 stars20 August 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Very comfortable and effective but an adjustable strap would help as I can feel the straps loosening.

5 stars18 August 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Best flip flop ever

4 stars15 July 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Very nicely packaged, arrived fast, look like the picture! They're rubbing on my skin between the toes, but that's because I haven't worn flip-flops for a long time. If that material would've been a bit gentler it would've been an excellent :)
Even with that they are very comfortable, hopefully my skin will get used to it soon!

4 stars14 July 2014

Ulysses Ladies - Bought online. have 4 pairs of your shoes already so know 41 is my size. if I had tried on in a shop I may have asked to try on a size up. they seem skimpy with regards to the foot template. I also think expensive for what they are to be honest. if the toe thong bit slacks and my toes end up over the front I will be cross and stop wearing them as I hate seeing feet too big for the shoe so in that department I am a bit disappointed. They need wearing in, I am sure you could have used more comfortable fabric but I will soon get the hard skin,,,,. However they do the job, they are flip flops without the flipping and flopping. I am a University librarian and walking through a silent study type. area in traditional flip flops gets you lots of horrid looks these are quiet and I can walk to work in them well. I would just ask is the sizing right compared to the rest of your footwear, and would you consider a non vegan version. mixed feelings I guess and I think I have kept them as I can't be bothered to post them back. If I had tried on in a shop in Covent Garden I would probably have walked away. Always happy to help you test non running shoes by the way!

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