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Fun, Fresh and good for your feet.
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A simple innovation in style that’s bringing your feet back to life! This light, fun and stylish pump lets you look good and feel great.

Style code: 200039-02



The Tricot are pretty tough … as in they look pretty and they have been built to last. The completely knitted upper gives you the structure and breathability you need for happy, healthy feet: so you can look good, utilise your feet, and feel great. These “barefoot” ballet pumps are both intricate and innovative whilst looking simple and stylish at the same time. The Tricot is built with your foot in mind and let’s your feet function whilst looking good. The knitted upper is super flexible and the sole is flat and wide allowing your toes to load and splay and offer natural shock absorption. We’ve ensured the whole shoe is supple and fully flexible to let the foot behave as if it was barefoot. The sole is thin and flexible to allow for independent rear– and forefore movement. The big toe will be able to engage with the ground and provide the natural motion control you need to move skilfully. Our patented, puncture-resistant and ultra thin sole will enable all the sensory feedback your brain and nervous system needs to move as nature intended.

Politely reminding your feet that you care. Wearing 80% of the time … for the other 20% anything goes. Fun, free and healthy feet. Impromptu ballet and rhythmic gymnastic routines … you never know. Summertime fun and games. Showing the kids how skipping should be done. The hopscotch champion who can still kill it.

Upper material
Upper description
Microfibre lining for super soft moisture wicking and superior comfort.
Sole unit
V Eve
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Eve: Sensory clarity for your feet with pure feminine simplicity.
100% Vegan
4 stars27 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very soft and flexible, nice feel, more support than Jing Jing. Nice design and color. Hurt the back of my ankles in the beginning

1 stars21 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very disappointed! I was looking forward to try my first pair of barefoot shoes, but as soon as I tried them the back was digging into the back of my ankle, I couldn't even leave them on for 5 minutes so I had to return them.

4 stars09 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - The sizing runs a little bit smaller, so I had to upsize. But love these, as well.

2 stars08 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - I have this exact shoe (same size) in black and have loved it for the last year. For some reason the pink one digs into my heel. Weird.

5 stars07 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - This is the second pair I've bought for my daughter. I bought the pink also because she wears the black ones all the time.

2 stars03 October 2015

Tricot Ladies - The toe box is as small as normal ballet shoes. So I don't see any difference between these and a normal ballet pump. The sizing was small so they squash my toes despite the fact all my other shoes are a UK8/Euro 42 and fit fine. if anything I go down to a 7.5. Very disappointed.

5 stars17 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - Had some issues with the website (page with order confirmation wouldn't load) and I never received a confirmation email. Reps on the phone were very helpful, thank you!

5 stars17 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - Great pink color and also comfortable as all Vivo's shoes

5 stars15 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - Please make more colors! They are so nice to wear :-)

5 stars13 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - I love these. I got a pair in each color for myself and a pair for my little sister. My friend loved them so much she ordered a pair about 5 minutes after she saw them on me. They are really comfortable and the stretch is great since I have a wide toe bed for my small feet.

2 stars13 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - They did not fit because the upper fabric is stretchy and pulls the light sole up causing the sit to be smaller than if think Vivo intended. I had to return them.

4 stars04 September 2015

Tricot Ladies - Shoes are very cute however, the toe box pinches into my toes. I have another pair of Vivobarefoot water shoes and they fit great. I can't wear these for very long because of the toe box. I usually wear Vibrams and don't have this issue. I teach healthy feet classes and recommend these shoes with a caution about sizing.

4 stars23 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - these fit true to size. very comfortable and stretchy. i have big feet and these shoes make them look smaller! they rub just a bit on my ankle, but have gotten better as i wear them.

2 stars22 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - I love some things about these shoes: they're adorable and the uppers are extremely comfortable.
But, as with other reviewers, the back of the shoe bites into my Achilles tendon. This causes me to slide my feet forward in the shoe to relieve the pressure, and I end up walking with my toes on the front seam, which leaves them feeling bruised at the end of the day.
All in all, adorable and I'll keep wearing them every once in a while, but I won't be purchasing the other color.

2 stars12 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - Comfort is good after nearly a month of breaking in. Unfortunately, the shoes look different than displayed online. Online, they look like black flats with pink soles and a mesh top. In person, there is a neon blue color showing through the black mesh. It makes them look like water shoes that you would wear to the lake - not at all what I wanted.

I'm pretty disappointed in this pair, but I will probably order again - the comfort is good and customer service is excellent. I would like better pictures on the website. And maybe a smaller decal on the back - those red dots are not really to my taste.

2 stars10 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - I got severe bites in the Achilles and ended up having to pad that area. I'm still trying to 'break' it in.

5 stars10 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - These are a great fit. My daughter loves them.

4 stars09 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - Excellent online service.

4 stars07 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - The shoes looked very nice, however they were smaller than the same size in the Daisy shoes I ordered (I was surprised when I compared the length) and I have unfortunately had to send them back as a result. I would welcome half sizes!

5 stars07 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - I tried them on and they felt fine. I'm reserving them for work (I'm a teacher) this school year. Only unexpected characteristic was the prominance of the turquoise accent in the balck weave. I wear only Vivobarefoot and Vibram Five-finger shoes, so unique characteristics aren't a really big deal; quality, durability and affordability are important. I can always rely upon Vivobarefoot; the soles wear out before the shoe itself, and that says a lot, considering the soles can last for two years of almost daily use.

4 stars07 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - The people I have death with have been very friendly and tried to be helpful.

i returned a pair of shoes I ordered online because they turned out to be the wrong size. I should have received a Return Receipt when the refund was processed; however, I have not. I've received the refund but not the Receipt for the return and I need the receipt in order to get a refund for the Duty and Taxes when I shipped to Canada. I've emailed and requested the receipt but still haven't received it.

So although the people i have dealt with have been great, I think that a) it should be standard practice to issue a Return Reciept and b) I should't have to wait over a week to get it once requested.

5 stars06 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - Shipping took a very long time and it looks like they went from USA to Canada to Japan and then back to Canada which isn't very efficient use of shipping.

5 stars02 August 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfortable, excellent fit.

4 stars22 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - Good quality shoes, very comfortable

2 stars18 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - they dig into my heels

5 stars16 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - I thought the pink color would be crazy but it's great I love them. I want to continue buying them, make more colors! Maybe let people choose their own color combos like on the nike website. People might want their college colors etc. and you can charge extra. If you use this idea though you gotta offer me a free pair though ok? ;)

5 stars08 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - These shoes were comfortable, flexible and stylish. No breaking in required, and they can be worn to the office or to the gym.

5 stars03 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - love my feet

5 stars03 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - love 'em!

4 stars01 July 2015

Tricot Ladies - The heel digs into my foot and pushes it forward... Hoping this problem goes away overtime.

4 stars30 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Ok shoe around, but heel slips a bit, needs to be a bit more secure in the elastic part at the heels

4 stars28 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Nice, jolly colour but the gum is to tight.

4 stars27 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - I like the feel on the feet. Better than jing. I don't like the vivid colours (in combination with the ellegant black), especially the pink on the bottom.

5 stars22 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - I absolutely love these shoes. I would go as far as saying they are a work of art as the shoe itself is knitted. They are black but inside the shoe there is blue which shows through looks great. The colour is brilliant! The only thing I would say is I'm a 4.5 and had to get a 5. They did hurt the back of my foot as the shoes are put together at this point. I wore plasters and socks for a few days then just socks alone and they were fine. I would definitely buy from vivobarefoot again. I love these shoes.

4 stars19 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Shoes looked great, true to picture on website, but size 5 too tight, size 6 slipping off so not for me.

4 stars17 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Pretty and surprisingly comfy - these are my first pr of barefoot shoes.

4 stars16 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Need one size up (bigger) as usually

4 stars13 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Goog quality

5 stars12 June 2015

Tricot Ladies - Great summer shoes But need size up as normal

5 stars23 May 2015

Tricot Ladies - Found out about your shoes through Robb Wolf and Paleo f(x) in Austin, TX. So glad I did because they're just what I was looking for.

5 stars23 April 2015

Tricot Ladies - Wife loves them.

5 stars21 April 2015

Tricot Ladies - Great b/c stretches around the wide foot, unlikley jing jing. very comfortable from day1

5 stars20 April 2015

Tricot Ladies - Love love love these ballet flats. They stretch to allow my toes plenty of room. The gentle fabric-covered elastic keeps them in place and the pink sole puts me in a barefoot state of dance!

4 stars03 April 2015

Tricot Ladies - The back of the shoe digs into the heal, making it necessary to wear a band aid. Even so, I plan to purchase more of these.

2 stars30 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Love the way these look but the grippy part in back tears up my heel when I wear them--uncomfortable, and cannot go barefoot in them, disappointing from a barefoot company!

5 stars25 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Great shoe. Comfortable.

5 stars23 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Please keep making the Tricot!!! They breathe in the summer unlike the vegan leather styles.

4 stars23 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Cute and comfortable shoes. Very breathable and easy to wear all day. A bit of discomfort on my heel the first few times I wore them but it goes away as they break in.

4 stars20 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Pink Tricot: Great summer shoes. Cute hot pink color. Comfortable, stretchable and breathable. I expect it will last for one season since the upper material is "flimsy" fabric. I purchased two pairs, one for this season and one for next year.

5 stars20 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfy with the stretch.

5 stars19 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - I like the airy feel to it. Mesh fabric breathes well.

4 stars15 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Rubs a bit at back of foot, otherwise comfortable and can't beat the price.

5 stars15 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - really good fit. comfy shoes...

5 stars13 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfortable and stylish shoes! I have 3 pairs and love them!

5 stars09 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - This is the perfect show for running errands in the summer! I've worn the Kali and Jing Jing, but this Tricot is so breathable.

5 stars08 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Best shoes on the planet.

1 stars06 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - These are dead straight with no structure. Cannot wear them.

5 stars05 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Awesome shoes! Is there a store in California?

4 stars04 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - These rubbed the back of my heal initially causing some discomfort. Otherwise I always get a compliment on them. Love the sole and the meshy material. Purchased a pair for my mom too:)

4 stars01 March 2015

Tricot Ladies - Be sure to size up at least half a size!

5 stars28 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - Such a comfortable walking around shoe. Needed to go one half size up though.

5 stars26 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfy and great for standing and walking all day.

4 stars26 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - They're okay.

2 stars25 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - the backs hurt my heel, it's too tough. I can't wear these because my feet will bleed from them cutting into the back of my feet. I wore them to work and will not wear them again.

4 stars23 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - Sent on time, and well packed.

4 stars20 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - Bought 2, one fits great, other pair seems like the footbed is slightly off. I love how simple they are, great for travel too

4 stars19 February 2015


5 stars19 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - So comfy!

4 stars18 February 2015

Tricot Ladies - did not fir quite like i had hoped-- very cute tho'!

5 stars30 January 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfortable, sizing is similar with Jingjing but in Tricot Ladies my feet don't sweat.

5 stars27 January 2015

Tricot Ladies - Very comfortable and very cute. Love the bright colors and amazing flexibility of these shoes.

4 stars31 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - The elastic around the top of the shoe is tight.

4 stars30 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - Good

4 stars25 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - nicely made shoe, comfy and wide enough for my very WIDE feet.

4 stars23 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - I think these will be my new indoor slippers when it's colder. I love the happy pink colour

2 stars22 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - Very narrow compared to the other marry jane style.

5 stars22 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - Love them!! Like all vivi barefoot shoes, ten times cuter in person than on a computer screen.

5 stars15 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - These shoes really have changed my life! I have had problem feet since childhood and as an adult have had multiple surgeries on my right foot alone, leaving me with many more problems. These shoes look good and provide complete relief. I just wish they had more padding on th bottom.

5 stars06 December 2014

Tricot Ladies - love them!

5 stars30 November 2014

Tricot Ladies - Very cute looking shoes with vibrant colour way, very comfortable and breathable with the yarn top

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