Soul of Africa Jing Jing
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Soul of Africa Jing Jing
Soul of Africa Jing Jing
Soul of Africa Jing Jing
Soul of Africa Jing Jing
Soul of Africa Jing Jing
Soul of Africa Jing Jing

Soul of Africa Jing Jing

Simple design and beautiful feel.
was $90.00now $45.00

This super simple and sexy pump lets you look good and feel great: a perfect combination.

Style code: 200041-01

4 stars (14 Reviews)


This cute but clever Jing Jing is a (truly) flat pump that lets the feet do their thing.

It’s an elegant ladies pump that conforms to all the norms, except one: it’s designed and made with your foot in mind. You can not only look good but you can utilise your feet as they should and feel great all at the same time. Effortless by design and simple by nature the Jing Jing is designed to honour the feet and let them do their thing.

We’ve removed the things you don’t need and left a simple and soft vegan upper which is built on the thin, flexible yet durable sole so you get total flexibility for healthy feet and a full range of movement. The toes will be able to splay and recoil and help provide natural shock absorption. No need to crush your toes into those worn out, old pumps, instead treat your feet with the love they deserve.

Just because you’re wearing shoes it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the ground beneath your feet. The ultra-thin sole let’s your feet receive all the sensory information they need to inform the brain for skilful and natural movement.

With a natural local leather upper we create shoes that are not only good for the feet but also good for the soul which help to make an amazing impact on someone's life. Designed in London and made in Ethiopia we've combined the ancient wisdom of letting your feet do their thing with traditional shoe making techniques.

Politely reminding your feet that you care.

Summertime fun and games.

Smart, simple and healthy feet.

Impromptu ballet and rhythmic gymnastic routines … you never know.

Showing the kids how skipping should be done.

The hopscotch champion who can still kill it.

Upper material
Upper description
Choolips hand dyed fabrics
Microfibre upper lining and Dri-Lex footbed lining, Ortholite footbed, super soft moisture wicking and superior comfort.
Sole unit
V Road
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Road: Hexagonal two tone ultimate barefoot sole. Tuned for the road and treadmill this flexable, soft and wet/dry slip resistant sole lets your foot do its thing with pure sensory clarity.
100% Vegan
4 stars18 April 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Although upper material could be better - needs care instructions as to how to clean/look after.

5 stars16 April 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - These are lovely, so light but still do the job

2 stars12 April 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - The combination of leather and PU alternative makes them painful for more than a couple of hours. The PU keeps feet hot and rubs on skin. A full leather shoe would be great

5 stars01 April 2015

Soul of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - I love these! I ordered a size up as I usually do with Jing Jings and they are almost too big! The toe box is roomier than other Jing Jings.

5 stars13 March 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Bought for a friend, my wife already has a pair....Everone LOVES them.

5 stars08 March 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - The best version of the Jing Jing, in terms of shape and material. I am waiting for this style to appear in better materials, such as suede. Also, would be nice if the sole could be upgraded to something like the Freud II.

5 stars07 March 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Fine shoes, quick service, and the sale offered a good price. Without the sale, I cannot ordinarily afford Vivos for my family of 5.

5 stars04 March 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - I'll be wearing these a ton this summer!

5 stars27 February 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Great looking shoe, very comfortable.

4 stars02 February 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Please stop putting gummy labels on the inners of shoes, they leave a sticky mess when removed.

5 stars01 February 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - I am a massage therapist and I'm always looking for a comfortable shoe. These are by far the BEST! I was a long time Merrell barefoot lover but they changed them. Please don't change anything to the Jing Jing shoe and I will be a customer for life! Thank you!

2 stars29 January 2015

Soul Of Africa Jing Jing Ladies - Nice shoes, but sizing problem - see above.

2 stars16 December 2014

SofA Jing Jing Ladies - Not as stretchy and accommodating as the other Jing Jing styles

5 stars23 November 2014

Jing Jing SOA Ladies - Pretty and functional!

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