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Toasty feet & cosy toes with barefoot feet
was $80.00now $30.00

It's time you got some good karma! These beautifully crafted boots are perfect as the temperature drops in the winter months - you'll be warm as toast but your feet will still be able to function naturally.

Style code: 200025-02

Light Brown


Real sheepskin, premium leather and our ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole come together in one glorious shoe. You'll be able to find your footing with the Karma and rediscover the joy of natural barefoot movement. We've designed this shoe to provide a warm and comfortable environment for your feet - and they'll certainly thank you for wearing them!

Thermal protection and appropriate proprioception is what the Karma does best whilst remaining true to our roots and the principles all of our shoes are made on - Pure Barefoot Technology.

Your feet will be able to behave as if they are barefoot in style and you'll get total flexibility from the sheepskin and leather upper. The flexible sole and upper combine to give natural motion control by allowing your Great Toe to engage rapidly with the earth as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement.

The Karma is designed to keep your feet warm but still let them do their thing. They’re made with your foot in mind; the toe box is nice and wide giving your toes the space they need to splay and recoil (this also helps in the coldest temperatures to allow your feet to stay warm). The ultra-thin sole is completely flat from heel to toe so your arch can function completely naturally.

Just because you’re wearing shoes it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the ground beneath your feet. The Karma is the essential winter everyday which you will forget you have on.

Keeping your feet cosy and warm in the winter months.

Walks in the park on those frosty mornings and evenings.

Aprez ski activities

Happy feet on chilly city breaks.

Christmas day, of course.

Upper material
Upper description
V Leather: Sheep Skin
Thinsulate: The industry' s most diverse product portfolio warmth solutions for every level of activity.
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Multi 1: Concave hexagonal grip for lifestyle wintery months.
Usage of Eco Friendly materials; Minimum chrome leather
4 stars01 June 2015

Karma Ladies - Sorry but your shoes sizes are never consistent. this happens every time I order!

5 stars01 May 2015

Karma Ladies - Comfortable and work worthy.

5 stars26 April 2015

Karma Ladies - My wife loves these for winter.

2 stars01 April 2015

Karma Ladies - If I have the name right this is a flip flops with a strap around the back. They are just ok. My feet kind of turn in them so my heal hangs off the side. I'm hopping they get more comfortable the more I ware them. And the strap between my toes is uncomfortable.

2 stars26 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Toe box is too small. All pairs of vivos I own have ample room in the toe box, so I was disappointed that these were not made wider to compensate for the extra thick materials used. I'm surprised such a narrow shoe is produced by a "barefoot" company. Also, if I am ordering through the same company, I should always be able to order the same size. I shouldn't have to consult a fit guide with very purchase. You as the footwear experts should keep consistency with all 36s or 37s or whatever size! Make the shoe to the size they are labeled!

4 stars25 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Over all, I like them. I hope they will stretch and give a bit over time. Original purchase was too small. I was hoping to wear either a thick pair of socks or two pairs of socks. Exchange pair is still tight in the toe box and slightly loose in the heel with a thin pair of socks; I expected the toebox to be wide enough to allow my toes to stretch as if they were barefoot. My toes feel somewhat scrunched. Exchanging yet again for the next size up is not an option as I would have to pay shipping again, and the heels would probably be even wider, so I would slip right out of them. I like how they look and feel otherwise.

1 stars20 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Can't get the shoe on.

4 stars16 March 2015

Karma Ladies - These shoes feel smaller than other vivobarefoot shoes. It would have helped if there was a note to order a size up

4 stars10 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Loved the shoes, so cute! Really wanted them to work, but Size runs small, I'm usually a 6USA and they were too tight. Hopefully, next size up will fit.

5 stars08 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Never take them off only when going to bed. They are wonderful. Can you send me another?

4 stars07 March 2015

Karma Ladies - a little stiff

5 stars06 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Love the zero drop. Easy on my plantar fasciitis and actually speeds the healing process. Runs tighter than Gobi so I'm not wearing them daily as expected

5 stars05 March 2015

Karma Ladies - it was like expected

1 stars03 March 2015

Karma Ladies - Too small. No furry lining in the footbed.

5 stars28 February 2015

Karma Ladies - The shoes are comfortable and sturdy.

4 stars27 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Good service from the company.

5 stars27 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Nice and cozy! I love that there are barefoot boot options! :)

4 stars22 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Runs 1/2 size smaller than other VIVObarefoot shoes of the same size.

5 stars20 February 2015

Karma Ladies - The Product is best in class. Vivobarefoot creates most foot friendly shoes of excellent quality. Keep going! And thank you for your service.

5 stars18 February 2015

Karma Ladies - I love the karma boots. I have a wide range of vivos including 4 pairs of Jing Jing, 2 pairs of ultras, the tricots, 2 pairs of karmas and the Kali boot. The karmas are by far my most comfy boots.

4 stars09 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Seemed great but the size was much different than other models of that size. So, we sent back for a return.

2 stars04 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Shoes are way too small. I own other Vivobarefoot shoes and wear a size 39. Ordered these in a 39 and they are very small, sadly will be returning them. Vivobarefoot shoes are excellent and I wish these fit.

5 stars01 February 2015

Karma Ladies - Love!

5 stars31 January 2015

Karma Ladies - Apart from great shoes, the free delivery is refreshing. Thank you.

4 stars26 January 2015

Karma Ladies - Comfortable boot although toe base could be a little wider to accommodate correct toes. I like the flat sole.

4 stars21 January 2015

Karma Ladies - Smaller than my other Vivo size 9s and a darker, muddier colour than shown on the site.

2 stars16 January 2015

Karma Ladies - One boot is made with less dense shearling and has condensed to a flat mess leaving the boot sloppy and annoying. Like wearing obviously two differently sized shoes. Also it is in the foot that is slightly smaller so it's extra annoying. Poor quality control. Also, ordering a 1/2 up in this is questionable as suggested by fit guide.

4 stars15 January 2015

Karma Ladies - Good quality boots, a little tight in the toe box and a 1/2 size larger than I usually get but overall I am happy with my purchase.

2 stars14 January 2015

Karma Ladies - I wish that you would made the toe box of your footwear a little roomier. The height of the toe box is always too tight. I'm surprised that people's toes are than thin.

4 stars12 January 2015

Karma Ladies - The boot was nice but it ran way too small. I have 5 other shoes in this brand, and this boot is way smaller than the others in the same size.

5 stars12 January 2015

Karma Ladies - I really love boots . And delivery was fast and on time

5 stars08 January 2015

Karma Ladies - The boots were a gift for my daughter. they fit perfectly and she loves them.

5 stars08 January 2015

Karma Ladies - Excellent

5 stars04 January 2015

Karma Ladies - I love how flexible they are! They really flex as I walk, allowing my feet to move naturally and my toes to flex as they should, even in boots. Warm and comfy, and I like the way they look to boot (so to speak...).

5 stars31 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Excellent

5 stars23 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Best Shoes Evah!!!

4 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Nicely made and very attractive, but too short and too narrow. I usually wear an 8 and sized up to 8.5 per reviews and instructions on site, but would have needed a size larger to use these. Too bad.

5 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - These are almost the only shoes I wear! I will never go back to the old, foot-destroying models!

5 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - very comfortable very warm

4 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Product came quickly

1 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - What a disappointment. I own a pair of Nancy's that fit well (though the workmanship is poor on those) so I bought the same size in the Karma. Way too small in the toe and my heels slip in the back. I couldn't wait to take them off as soon as I put them on.

5 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - second pair...that speaks to the shoe...let alone at a great sale price

5 stars22 December 2014

Karma Ladies - LOVE THESE. Soft and perfect fit.

5 stars20 December 2014

Karma Ladies - love these warm comfy boots

4 stars16 December 2014

Karma Ladies - A little snug in the widest part of the foot, otherwise a comfortable fit

1 stars13 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Like the jing jings, these were too narrow at the ball of the foot. Even one size up. I haven't run into this problem w other models. After two tries and the cost of shipping, I gave up and got a refund.

5 stars13 December 2014

Karma Ladies - These are so comfortable!

4 stars12 December 2014

Karma Ladies - I love these boots, they're fairly warm but definitely not warm enough for extreme cold temperatures without substantially warm socks. They're extremely comfortable. They definitely run small. I'm usually an 8 - 8 1/2 and I ordered a 9 in these and they are snug.

Very cute style, they're a slim version of an Ugg boot. I only wish that the fuzzy lining was also under the thermal insole. It would make them much more comfortable if I were to not need to insole.

I'm not sure how the sole will be on icy conditions, but they are definitely better traction than the Jing Jing flats.

4 stars11 December 2014

Karma Ladies - I love the shoes for style and warmth, but wish the toe box was a bit wider for comfort; or that they came in a size 42 so I could have tried the bigger size.

5 stars10 December 2014

Karma Ladies - A little bit snug for my size (women's 10), but they were fine once I took the inserts out. I love these boots!!

5 stars07 December 2014

Karma Ladies - For anyone who wants a warm, comfy shearling boot that is actually GOOD for your feet -- look no further. I am often the girl who stuffs her pajama legs into fuzzy boots to walk the dog in the morning, but the poor structure of my mainstream brand shearling boots made my feet hurt and my incipient bunion ache. I was worried that the thin barefoot sole might not protect my feet enough from the cold, but VivoBarefoot's great materials and design = warm and toasty toes. Finally, I get tons of compliments on how cute they are from even non-barefoot enthusiasts. These are winners! (Note: I am about a US size 7.5-8 -- but fair to say, I am pregnant and my feet may be changing a little -- and the 39s are a very good fit.)

4 stars03 December 2014

Karma Ladies - I usually wear a 9.5, but ordered a 10 and these are still a bit tight. I like them, but more true sizing would be nice.

4 stars01 December 2014

Karma Ladies - I think I'm going to like my boots once they get here. I tried a size too small and they seemed nice. The larger size is not here yet.

5 stars01 December 2014

Karma Ladies - Love them!

2 stars26 November 2014

Karma Ladies - too tight around toes. needs a bigger toe box. plus the upper part needs to be longer higher up around the calf. the soles good, but i will be returning them.

5 stars23 November 2014

Karma Ladies - Love these boots! I'm wearing them as slippers in the house now that it's cold, and for outings. Great to have something comfortable to keep my feet warm in the house AND be able to handle taking the dogs out to potty. Especially since we're potty-training our new puppy and need to be prepared for quick trips outside!

4 stars23 November 2014

Karma Ladies - Good

2 stars21 November 2014

Karma Ladies - Loved the sole of the shoe, but the height of the boot was awkward, so I returned them.

4 stars21 November 2014

Karma Ladies - Just wish they were a tiny bit roomier in the toes.

4 stars20 November 2014

Karma Ladies - Too small!!! They for smaller than other vivobarefoot products. But because of the border issues I didn't return them.

4 stars12 September 2014

Karma Ladies - Until I've worn my boots consistently and can consider how well they wear I won't go higher than good.

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