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A golf shoe with a difference
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The Hybrid is unlike any other golf shoe on the market, not only is the Hybrid unrivaled for it's all day comfort, it also allows your body and feet to do their thing naturally. Perfect your swing in style and comfort with the Hybrid Ladies golf shoe.

Style code: 200012-03



Protect your feet from the elements with our water resistant leather upper and feel the security of our supreme grip with the VIVOBAREFOOT off road sole. The 4.5mm off road lugs provide the grip, while the 2.5mm puncture resistant sole provides you with the feeling of the ground so your balance and posture remain in perfect harmony throughout your swing.

As with all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes the Hybrid has been designed to let your feet do their thing - experience total flexibility from the stylish, abrasion proof leather and patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole. Utilise your natural motion control by letting the Great Toe engage rapidly with the earth as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement (essential in any golf swing!). The Hybrid also has a Dri-lex lining with lycra collar: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort.

Going on long walks.

Walking the dogs.

Hiking and light trails.

It's basically great for any conditions where you might need superior grip.

Par 2s, Par 3s, Par 4s.....

Birdies, Eagles, a lucky Albatross (...and loads of bogies!). 

Upper material
Upper description
V Leather: Vegetable tanned leather with abrasion leather and rip stop Nylon trimmings for increased durability
Dri-Lex Performance lining, Hydrophobic mesh collar.
Sole unit
Sole thickness
2.5mm sole with 4.5mm lugs
Sole description
V Trek: Multi-directional 'V-teeth' for the steepest, muddiest, wettest terrains. Ultimate off-road traction and sensory feedback (proprioception).
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Usage of Eco Friendly materials; Minimum chrome leather; Soles made from recycled rubber; Dri-lex performance lining.
4 stars26 August 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - i accidentally got the wrong size :(

5 stars10 August 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - fast shipping

2 stars05 June 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - I v been given the run around on my return and getting my refund I will be calling the better business bureau in California on Monday

4 stars02 June 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Service was great shoes arrived quick and in great conditions.

5 stars15 May 2015

Hybrid Ladies - It's of great comfort and fashion.

5 stars06 May 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Very comfortable and I feel my posture is better when I wear them. My lower back hurts less and I have cut down the frequency of my visits to the chiropractor.

5 stars04 May 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Great shoe, although not as "barefoot" as the other Vivo shoes, but I need the tread for hiking, so it's perfect!

1 stars26 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies - The surface material is sliced by an unknown cause. I work in an office and have no idea how it could have happened.

5 stars24 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Fit well and look smart.

4 stars20 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Since the bottom of the shoe seems to be glued instead of stitched, I'm worried that with a lot of wear that the bottom of the shoe will come off. They do already seem to be loosened around the edge. I wear them everyday for work. And since I'm a dog trainer, I put these shoes through a lot. We'll see if they can hold up to the hard work. It would be nice if the laces that came with it would stay tied so I didn't have to go buy new ones. I prefure to walk around in bare feet when I can, so these shoes are great for that. One day it rained and I was very suprise to find that the shoes actually kept my feet dry. I've had shoes that were supposed to do that but couldn't hold up to it. So even when my pant legs were soaked my feet were not.

5 stars12 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Easy

5 stars09 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Responded quickly and effectively to a question. Shoes came very quickly indeed.

5 stars09 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies - As Above

1 stars08 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Bad colour:-(

4 stars08 April 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Poor because Its super stiff - I wish they were more flexible....

2 stars28 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Product received was different from what was shown on wesite

4 stars25 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - ok

5 stars23 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Much improved from last time … I read somewhere you were having issues with US relations … it's fixed as far as I can tell!! Thanks … love your products.

5 stars21 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Great shoes, very comfy. The only down side to the shoes is that the laces provided constantly become untied when moving around.

5 stars20 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - The shoe might be a little narrow for running but are so comfortable for walking 18 holes and the sole is stable but allows ground feedback

5 stars19 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Im lovin it

5 stars19 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - These shoes also looked amazing, but were way too big and also seemed pretty narrow. I have opted to get the men's trail freak for more width, but I have not yet received the smaller size to test them out.

5 stars10 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Shoes seem sturdy. No complaints.

4 stars10 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - I bought same size as previous vivos I'd worn, but these were too large.

5 stars10 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Returned as they were too big , great shoes though.

5 stars05 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - comfy as expected and rather nice looking too

5 stars04 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Shipped fast.

5 stars01 March 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Excellent fit and exactly what I was looking for

5 stars22 February 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - This is my second pair!

5 stars15 February 2015

Hybrid Ladies - The service was good, but I did not receive the Thermal Insole Ladies

2 stars11 February 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Nice fit but the shoe was not the one pictured on the website

4 stars09 February 2015

Hybrid Ladies - Due to it's winter with 30cm of snow, I haven't been out playing golf in these shoes. But I do beleive thy'll be great.

5 stars02 January 2015

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - These are working well, so far. Good for walking on the snow.

1 stars25 December 2014

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - These shoes arrived with a gap between the top of the shoe and the sole of the shoe. I was hoping for a weather resistant shoe, and with this huge gap, my feet will get wet as soon a i step out in damp weather. very disappointing considering the price of the shoe.

4 stars22 December 2014

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - The fit is fine, they aren't as "barefoot" as I would like them to be though.

4 stars22 December 2014

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - This shoe was an excellent value on close out. Soles have incredible grip, and quality uppers. They were extremely stiff and hard to break in, and I think the toe box is too narrow for a product claiming a barefoot orientation. This may be more pronounced on the women's sizing. Overall, the shoes are very comfortable and provide a decent looking shoe I can wear to work, unlike other barefoot shoes. Thank you!

4 stars07 December 2014

Hybrid Ladies AW13 - Sizing is inconsistent between styles. Unfortunately only about 1/4 of an inch, usually shorter. Not enough to buy next size up.

2 stars15 November 2014

Hybrid Ladies - Not as good as the originals. Sizing is now different old 36 fits new 36 too small.

5 stars07 October 2014

Hybrid Ladies - Played golf on a mountain course (wet day) and was delighted with the shoes; confort and grip - played very well too! I am sure that heightened proprioception benefits the golf swing.

5 stars06 October 2014

Hybrid Ladies - Feel great, the feedback from the ground through to foot through the shoe feels great

4 stars30 September 2014

Hybrid Ladies - The hybrid is not as good as my other vivobarefoot shoes. They are stiff compared to the One or the Trail Freak.

2 stars19 September 2014

Hybrid Ladies - Sole too thick and inflexible. Doesn't allow the foot to stretch and flex as other Vivobarefoot shoes.

1 stars17 September 2014

Hybrid Ladies - I have worn the shoes twice and have now got plantarfacitis and now I'm in pain

5 stars07 September 2014

Hybrid Ladies - Excellent shoes and service.
Thank you.

4 stars04 September 2014

Hybrid Ladies - comfortable shoes and a reasonable price

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