Handcut Lisbon
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Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon

Handcut Lisbon

Premium handcut luxury dress shoe

Made with the finest hand cut Portuguese leather, we tip our hats and raise a well cut glass to the decidedly smart Lisbon.

Style code: 300025-01

Black Dark Brown
4 stars (20 Reviews)


The Lisbon is our beautifully crafted formal dress shoe. Available in polished black or brown leather and free of fuss or embellishment, besuited style breathes effortlessly with every step; a shoe for a true gentleman. The leather footbed is durable yet comfortable and will form around your foot. The Lisbon is a premium shoe designed to be hard wearing and comfortable, and as ever, finished to our highest crafting standards.

Like all our hand cut range, you'll get total flexibility from the unlined leather. The 4mm sole is stiffer than other Vivobarefoot shoes but still allows your toes to engage with the ground beneath you. Over a period of three to four weeks, the sole will soften and adapt specifially to your foot, offering you the true benefits of natural movement.

  • Heading to the city with gentleman's style.
  • Looking dapper for the big meeting.
  • Feeling fresh for a first date.
  • Being the suavest guy at the party.
Upper material
Upper description
V Premium Leather
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Hand crafted using minimal components and minimum chrome leathers
4 stars10 March 2015

Lisbon Mens - .. but the quality of the leather suggests to me that the product is more a prototype barefoot office shoe (made in a low batch, for early adopters); would be nice to see future editions use a higher quality of leather (especially when the cost of the shoe is the same as something of the craftsmanship of a Cheaney);

5 stars23 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - I love them. I just wish I didn't have to order them from Europe to get the right size.

4 stars05 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Still wearing them in. Happy with first impressions.

2 stars03 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Sole bad quality compared to the other Vivobarefoot products. Not good value for money.

5 stars03 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Best looking and comfort shoes I have ever experienced.

5 stars22 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Best dress shoe so far from Vivobarefoot. Wish the upper were a bit softer, more like the Porto. The lining seems unnecessary for this shoe. I prefer the unlined Porto for comfort. The Lisbon is the first Vivobarefoot shoe I've owned that is needing a break-in period.

5 stars22 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Shoes that are very comfortable. Like to see size 6 (40) in all styles

5 stars13 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Good company (I can use no other shoes now). How could they improve? Stock availability sometimes, I would guess, plus durability of some of the shoes (stitching, etc.)

5 stars08 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Super comfy!

2 stars27 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Not elegant enough

5 stars26 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Very good, but there should be an automatic deduction of sales tax when shipping outside EU. Vivobarefoot was kind enough to refund me the tax upon request, or else I would have paid double sales tax (always paying import tax when receiving).

4 stars22 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Phenomenal service!

5 stars22 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - I have been waiting for a product like this for decades!

2 stars18 November 2014

Lisbon Mens - It looks very different than the pictures and very strange to our society.

4 stars16 October 2014

Lisbon Mens - The Size is a little more high than the other shoes in 45 europe.

4 stars08 October 2014

Lisbon Mens - I have been using my Lisbons for about two weeks now. They definitely fulfill the promise of a zero drop, minimalist dress shoe. The toe box is sufficiently wide and at no point have I felt any sense of tightness or discomfort while wearing them. While before I used to take off my oppressive dress shoes every chance I'd get, I can now let my feet rest comfortably in my Lisbons throughout the day.

There are a couple of points of improvement, though. The sole, though thin, feels very stiff and unflexible. I understand the need to sacrifice flexibility for durability and form, but I was wondering if it was possible to make the shoe even a bit more "fluid" and glovelike. As of now, it is more like a thin, rigid leather shell than a regular barefoot shoe. This is not so much a problem when standing still, but upon walking I find myself longing for a more immediate barefoot experience.

Second, I would like you to improve the aesthetics of your current line of dress shoes. The Lisbons work fine, especially in brown, but they are still a far cry from what most people (in Europe) think of when they think formal dress shoes. To be frank, I would not wear the Lisbons to anything fancier than business meetings, such as Weddings or Cocktail parties. Perhaps introduce a model that is more like the classic black oxford (think Allen Edmond's Park Avenue)?

5 stars07 October 2014

Lisbon Mens - everything worked out smoothly. I do wish I had been able to see as I looked at the product online that the insoles of the Lisbon men's cannot be removed (unlike other barefoot products). other than that, great service, great product,

4 stars15 September 2014

Lisbon Mens - :-)

5 stars26 August 2014

Lisbon Mens - Ground breaking!

5 stars15 August 2014

Lisbon Mens - Best shoes i have ever worn with a suit

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