Men's Barefoot Shoes

Feel the now

Our men’s barefoot shoes allow you to fully experience each step, every day. From men’s walking boots to winter boots, or slip-on casuals to trainers, Vivobarefoot shoes promote healthy movement. Designed to build strength, flexibility and dexterity, we’ve developed a variety of different grips that will move with you in any terrain. Experience barefoot across all walks of life – literally. 


Run, walk, live Vivo: Wherever you are

Exploring, jogging, training or just living –  let your feet feel the world underfoot with casual, minimalist everyday styles and shoes designed for activities like running and hiking. Wherever you are, our barefoot technology enables your feet to better communicate with your brain, rooting you firmly in the moment.

Barefoot technology: Innovation, naturally

Unlike conventional men’s shoes, which can squeeze your feet out of their natural alignment, Vivo’s ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles provide both maximum sensory feedback and protection. The science behind our barefoot technology means your feet can do their thing, naturally. So if you’re walking through the city, running up a mountain or just strolling through your daily routine, you’ll be doing it organically – the barefoot way.