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The VIVOBAREFOOT Barefoot Running Coach app, available for iPad and iPhone, is designed to help runners of all levels perfect their running form to rediscover the joy of movement and to prevent injury. This app closely follows the coaching methodology of Lee Saxby, allowing you to compare yourself to common running forms. Following Saxby’s mantra: Posture, Rhythm and Relaxation, along with foot strike, you will be able to self-diagnose your form and learn tips and drills to help you transition to skilful barefoot running.

Please download the latest version of iOS before downloading the app. 

At a Glance:

  • Introduction to Barefoot Running
  • Watch Videos of Common Running Forms
  • Record Your Running Form
  • Compare Your Running Form
  • Watch Training Videos to Perfect Your Technique: Walking, Squatting, Jumping

Download for iPhone 
iPhone App
Download for iPad
iPad App 


Have you mastered your running technique and perfected the skill of movement? Or do you still need some advice? Upload your videos and we’ll ask our Certified Coaches to take a look.

  1. Record yourself running with our Barefoot Running Coach app.
  2. Upload your before and after videos to YouTube
  3. Post a Link on the Training Clinic Facebook WallTweet us or Email the Training Clinic with the hashtag #checkyourtechnique
  4. Get Feedback from Lee Saxby and our VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches

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