"We make people's lives better through knowledge and education.  Give a man a pair of shoes and he will run for a day, teach him how to run and he will run for a lifetime - LEARN BAREFOOT"

The Guru, Lee Saxby

About Lee Saxby

VIVOBAREFOOT has chosen to partner with Lee Saxby because he understands barefoot running and natural locomotion better than anyone else.

Lee is at the forefront of applied barefoot science. He has spent 20 years studying with the leading researchers across the fields of biomechanics, nutrition, athletic training, evolutionary biology and functional medicine and more laterally spent 10 years coaching barefoot running techniques to help runners increase performance and overcome injuries.  

The coaching drills he uses are based on a deep understanding of the scientific principles of thr biomechanics of movement and evolutionary biology, and his extensive practical experience of fixing injured runners and developing performance athletes.  

He is considered by many as one of the best in his field, and has been described as “The World’s Best Running Coach” by Christopher McDougall, author of the international bestseller, Born to Run, and by Harvard Professor, Daniel Lieberman as “Exceptional”. Read their testimonials here


Lee wrote the book on barefoot running, literally.  He recently authored the eBook Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running to create the definitive guide to injury free running and walking. Following that Lee developed the VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Programme to educate others on the science and application of natural movement.

The VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Programme has already seen great success.  VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches have completed an intensive programme that is designed to instruct the science and coaching of the physical and mental components of running. All VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches are personally instructed by Lee Saxby to diagnose and correct running form using his coaching methods; they can be found all over the world. Click here to find a coach.


VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic with Lee Saxby

We have worked with Lee Saxby to create the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic. Using the Training Clinic you can learn the skill of barefoot movement using the host of our education resources. Read our eBook, the ultimate guide to barefoot running Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running. Use the Barefoot Running Coach app, find a Certified Barefoot Coach or Become a Coach.

Lee Saxby’s FAQs 

As an expert running coach, many people come to Lee with everything from transition questions to very specific running injury questions. We’ve used real examples and compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to Lee here.  

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