Choose the right sole for the job


Our range of soles are designed to enable you to tackle all environments and terrains whilst providing maximum sensory feedback.  We combine these soles with uppers with carefully selected materials and technologies to create the perfect tool for the job - click here to view our upper technology guide

Performance soles

On road


Hexagonal two tone ultimate barefoot sole.  Tuned for the road and treadmill this flexible, soft and wet/dry slip resistant sole lets your foot do its thing.

Thickness grade: 2.5mm / 4.5mm lugs

Compound: V-grip Rubber

Ideal for: on road running, treadmill, circuits

Styles: One, Stealth



Off road


Multi-directional 'V-teeth' for the steepest, muddiest, wettest terrains.  Ultimate off-road traction and sensory feedback (proprioception).  

Thickness grade: 2.5mm / 4.5mm lugs

Compound: V-grip Rubber

Ideal for: muddy trails, golf, hiking

Styles: Breatho Trail, Neo Trail, Hybrid, Synth Hiker, Off Hoad Hi




Hexagon EVA grip on our softest sole that quickly compresses to your perfect gait increasing sensory feedback with every step.

Thickness grade: 7mm

Compound: V-ultra EVA

Ideal for: light trails, beach runs, water sports

Styles: Evo-Lite, Ultra


Lifestyle soles

V Life


Original 2003 barefoot lifestyle outsole is where it all began.  This is pure everyday sensory clarity for your feet. 

Thickness grade: 3mm

Compound: V-sense TPU

Ideal for: every day use, the pub, the office

Styles: Gobi, Freud, Ra


V Eve


Sensory clarity for your feet with pure feminine simplicity.

Thickness grade: 3mm

Compound: V-grip Rubber

Ideal for: work, out with friends, casual wear

Styles: Jing-Jing, Nancy


V Handcut


Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip combining maximum style and proprioception. 

Thickness grade: 4mm

Compound: V-grip Rubber

Ideal for: best dressed occasions, premium lifestyle

Styles: Bannister, Lisbon, Porto


...choose the right upper for the job

To help make the perfect shoe for any terrain, we combine different soles with appropriately designed uppers.  

View our Upper Technology Guide

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