VIVOBAREFOOT make the best barefoot shoes in the world. Created without compromise around our patented Pure Barefoot Technology, our products are the epitome of ancient wisdom with modern technology; designed in London, with a sole for every terrain, to live your life barefoot.  
Driven by a passion for healthy movement in all its forms, VIVOBAREFOOT will not stop until the world comes back to its natural senses and starts moving again. Reconnecting feet with brains all over the world, with a growing army of medics, scientists, physios, and health professionals.

200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments - the human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece.  In the last 40 years we have been led by a common misconception that cushioned, padded shoes are better.  Despite all the developments in sports shoe technology, the overwhelming majoirty of runners are injured carrying out a movement that should come naturally.  

Unless you were brought up in an unshod, chair-free environment you are likely to be lacking in certain physiological qualities and biomotor skills for running. Barefoot running is a skill that has to be learnt - at the heart of our philosophy is education. The modern human being is generally disconnected with nature so we need to relearn how to run.  

Why buy from VIVOBAREFOOT?

Free Delivery

Free Deliveries*

*Free delivery on all UK orders over £50. All those under will be charged at £2 shipping. Powered by the Royal Mail, we aim to pick and pack your delivery the same day we receive it, allowing you to live barefoot as soon as possible. Find out more about our delivery service here.

Free Returns

Free Returns

We hope you're happy with your purchase, however if you're not completely satisfied you can return your un-worn shoes to us for FREE within 30 days, no questions asked.

Customer Care

24 hours Customer Care

Our super friendly team are ready and waiting for you 24/7, and you're welcome to ask them anything. Email the team or give them a call on 0207 048 0600. 

Sustainable Product Guarantee

Sustainable Guarantee

Vivo's are built to last, and if you're not convinced, we've put a sustainability guarantee on every shoe we make, good for 6 months of your order. Find out more.

Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

Need barefoot in a hurry? With our premium service, order before 2pm and we'll get your new Vivo's to you the next working day, from just £6.99. Find out more.


Our Manifesto

Our manifesto is about stripping things back to basics. It's about putting you back in touch with nature.  It's about freeing your feet so they can do their thing.

Over the past 5 decades the nation's foot health has been neglected by the greedy corporations.  They’ve sold you an unobtainable, unnecessary dream and shod you in increasingly spongy, springy, ’technology’ packed, fashion focused shoes. It's time to make a change.  

No baby kissing; no interviews with ego-maniac celebrities; no visiting schools, bakeries or factories; no bullshit. No air, no springs, no cushioning, no rubbish underfoot. It's all about taking the impacts of moving and running away from the shoe and re-empowering you.

Your foot has all the technology you need.  Our shoes let your feet do their thing.  

Our policies


Sustainable Guarantee and Ethical Trading Policy

VIVOBAREFOOT are committed to producing shoes that are not only good for your feet, but good for the planet too.

We minimise the amount of materials in the shoe  which means we use less raw materials and less energy producing, processing and transporting these materials. It reduces the impact the wearer and we have on the world. We are pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, and a vital component of this is making shoes that last. We are constantly striving to develop and improve our products and we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey ahead – one step at a time.
We also have a Sustainable Guarantee which covers our shoes for 6 months after they are purchased.

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For Hard Working Feet

When you walk, run or sprint your muscles and tendons provide Natural Shock Absorption. Moving correctly and utilising your muscles and tendons properly can enable you to live a long, healthy life without injury. We make our shoes so your muscles and tendons can splay, flex and recoil and provide all the natural shock absorption you need. How?

It's simple, our shoes are foot shaped and, like your feet, they have zero-drop from heel-to-toe. 

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The Centre Ground

Working with your muscles and tendons the coalition formed with the skeletal system allows for Natural Motion Control. The big toe is pivotal in proceedings and it's essential that it can engage rapidly with the ground. The foot also requires independent rear and fore foot movement so it's essential that the shoes you put on your feet are fully flexible.

That's why,  like your feet, our shoes are totally flexible, allowing your big toe to engage rapidly for independent rear and fore-foot movement.

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Shoes that Make Sense

We know it's important to listen to what's happening on the street. Fortunately the human foot is an extremely sensitive part of the body (as sensitive as the hands) which makes it the perfect tool for letting the brain know what's happening under foot. Your body’s nervous system and the 200,000 receptors in the soles of your feet provide this natural sensory feedback.

That's why our shoes have a patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole, separating you from the ground by just 3mm* allowing your feet and body to stay engaged with its surroundings. 

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Globally Manufactured

We're a global brand offering shoes for all. We don't discriminate against feet. We simply make our shoes with the principle of Pure Barefoot Technology and we won't settle for anything less.
We're proud to be able to make our shoes around the world in Cambodia, China, Ethiopia and Portugal. We employ shoe-makers from different nations and cultures and we're all united in our passion to make shoes that make sense.

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