Our Philosophy

We know it's easy to say, but for us, it's not all about selling shoes and making money. Based around the principles laid out in our Eco Matrix, Ethics Policy and in how we source materials and the partners we work with, we aim to be as socially responsible as is possible for a shoemaker.
Underlying everything is our vision. The vision to make everyone's lives better, whether through providing a more enjoyable and injury free running experience or by allowing you to live barefoot with our zero-drop, anatomic width, total flexibility, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole shoes.
Your body has all the technology you need; muscles and tendons provide natural shock absorption, the skeletal system provides natural motion control and the nervous system provides natural sensory feedback.

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VIVOBAREFOOT footwear is produced sustainably using locally sourced materials, with efficient and eco-friendly production techniques in independently monitored ethical factories. We use minimum components where possible and favour stitching and vulcanized production methods over glue. However, with technology constantly changing and improving, it won’t be long until you will see recycled content in our suede- keep an eye out!

We aim to make our shoes extremely durable, ensuring they spend more time on your feet, then in the bin at the end of a season! We are interested in making lightweight anatomically correct shoes using the minimum number of components and right now China is the best place to do that. So yes, it's true, most of our shoes are made in China. Excluding a few exceptions (the leather for our Handcut range is sourced from Portugal where they are made and our Soul of Africa leather is from Ethiopia), the majority of materials, all the component makers and advanced material suppliers are based in China and considering that most shoes contain 30 different components we minimize our production miles that way!

We work directly with all our factories and they are independently audited to the highest international labour and environmental standards.

Our philosophy and principles do not end with the eco production methods we adhere too. We also believe in improving the life of others through charitable partnerships. VIVOBAREFOOT’s chairman, Lance Clark, set up Soul of Africa and VIVOBAREFOOT have helped its development over the last two years. Soul of Africa has raised over $2m for the Soul of Africa trust to date and provided hundreds of jobs in a destitute area of South Africa. In 2012 we launched our first Soul of Africa shoe using VIVOBAREFOOT technology, and the range continues to grow, marking out the future of this important project.
Our philosophy is enforced by the way we do things; for more information on how we do things, please follow the links below:

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