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December 25, 2015 by Galahad Clark


Christmas is the time when the Sun goes to it’s lowest point in the year. In these few days around the Winter Solstice some used to say the Sun dies and a few days later around December 25th the sun rises again as the days start brightening. Read More

  Galahad Clark,  Chritmas,  VIVOBAREFOOT

VIVOBAREFOOT Drake: Striking the style balance

November 12, 2015 by Jamie Page

VIVOBAREFOOT Drake: Striking the style balance

“It’s not often that men’s footwear manages to strike just the right balance between “Hey, let’s hang out” and “Hey, take me seriously.” ’ Read More

  Review,  Mens running,  Drake,  VIVOBAREFOOT

The Gobi Hi Top: Why it Works for Me

October 20, 2015 by Beth Druce

The Gobi Hi Top: Why it Works for Me

 When I moved to Cornwall, from London, seven years ago, my wardrobe didn’t fit. I’m a photographer, but also a fashion writer, which meant that historically the impractical nature of the clothing I would wear on a day to day basis was regularly overlooked. All that changed when I started documenting surfing, and clambering over the rocks in the blustery wind and pouring rain became physically impossible (not to mention dangerous) in six inch platform heels. Read More

  Beth Druce,  VIVOBAREFOOT,  Barefoot shoes,  Cornwall,  review

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