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Aqua Lite takes the Runner's World Best Debut Shoe title.

September 24, 2012 by Jamie Page

Aqua Lite takes the Runner's World Best Debut Shoe title.

We're proud to announce our  Aqua Lite is Runner's World's "Best Debut Shoe" in their recent Autumn / Winter 2012 shoe guide. Here's what they said about the shoe: "VB has hit barefoot running gold with this model, producing a shoe that treats nervous newcomers gently and presents the best attributes of 'stropped-down' running (better form) while protecting runners from the bad parts (pain). After adapting the intial strangeness of little cushioning underfoot, our wear-testers loved the snug heel fit, wide toe box and the responsiveness (these were the most flexible shoes on test in the lab), with several feeling... Read More

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Treat your feat: Breatho Trail in Runner's World Trail Issue

May 09, 2012 by Jamie Page

Treat your feat: Breatho Trail in Runner's World Trail Issue

As Brian Metzler says in his latest article in Runner's World Spring/Summer Trail Issue says: " selecting a trail shoe can make your head spin. " Well we'll make it easy for you…select the Breatho Trail . It will make your head spin with the amount of sensory feedback (proprioception) you'll get from your environment via the soles of your feet; putting you in control of the tough terrains and loose trails. The VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho Trail featured in the Minimal/Barefoot/Racing category and received a great review. Here's what they said about our breathable barefoot trail shoe: The consummate minimalist trail runner, the... Read More

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Runner's World Naked Truth Competion

April 16, 2012 by Jamie Page

Runner's World Naked Truth Competion

Competition Alert – see below April 2012's edition of Runner's World Sam Murphy takes an in-depth and balanced look at barefoot running. The article gives a comprehensive overview of how things stand in the barefoot running world today. In the article Sam covers a wide spectrum of barefoot related topics from  the basics of how to get started with barefoot running to the importance of form with the help of Lee Saxby's mantra : posture, rhythm, relaxation. As well as the who's who in the barefoot running scene Sam also covers the Barefoot Vs Minimal debate. Running: the skill The... Read More

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