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Uncommon Sense Interview with Galahad Clark

March 12, 2012 by Jamie Page

Running is a skill technique is everything. Read more

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It’s Official Barefoot is best: Lee Saxby interview

January 12, 2012 by Jamie Page

It’s Official Barefoot is best: Lee Saxby interview

Barefoot running expert Lee Saxby took some time out for VIVOBAREFOOT to answer some questions about the latest research to shed some evidence on the benefits of barefoot running. VB: Briefly, what does Daniel Lieberman's research show? LS: The paper entitled 'Foot Strike and Injury Rates in Endurance Runners' studied athletes in the Harvard cross country running team between August 2006 - January 2011 and found that the runners in the team who have a habitual heel-strike running technique had twice as many repetitive stress injuries... Read more

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