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Vivobarefoot Evo review by

May 20, 2010 by Terra Plana

Vivobarefoot Evo review by

We're on again. The article, Can 'Barefoot' Shoes Help You Get In Better Shape?, features the Evo . Here's what they said about the Evo and their coaching session with out barefoot expert Lee Saxby. "Last year, I wrote about the barefoot running trend for the New York Times , so when Terra Plana recently invited to me to try out their new minimalist running shoe with a renowned running coach, I was eager to give it a try. I've always been a somewhat reluctant runner, so this, I thought, might give me a boost to get in shape... Read More

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VivoBarefoot Evo featured on

March 15, 2010 by Terra Plana

VivoBarefoot Evo featured on

Here's what they said about the Evo : We've all heard that running barefoot might just be better for the body than wearing heavy running shoes, but it's not always feasible to run or desirable to run that way. A new foot-friendly solution can be found in the Evo performance shoe from Terra Plana. The shoe is a collaboration between Galahad Clark, owner of Terra Plana and Asher Clark, his cousin and head designer, both seventh generation shoemakers. The Evo is designed to be like running barefoot but better. The minimalist running shoe weighs only eight ounces and has breathable... Read More

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