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Barefoot Golf: the VIVOBAREFOOT Hybrid

March 20, 2012 by Jamie Page

Barefoot Golf: the VIVOBAREFOOT Hybrid

"If you're keen to take your game to the next level and maximise your proprioception, I would strongly recommend the Hybrid. I took them out on Bude and North Cornwall Golf Course on an early and wet morning and they performed amazingly. The weight, grip and barefoot feel is like no other golf shoe I've used in the past." –  Alice Page ,  Physical Education at Penair Science School Checkout our new barefoot golf shoe , Hybrid, perfect for taking your swing to the next level. Golf is an interesting game. It can be challenging, rewarding and frustrating, sometimes all... Read More

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Andrew Parr wears the barefoot golf shoe: Hybrid

March 01, 2012 by Jamie Page

Andrew Parr wears the barefoot golf shoe: Hybrid

My barefoot training began from my yoga practice of 10 plus years. It made sense to me at that time that all my training should be barefoot. From heavy lifts in the gym, to plyometrics, running and some on course practice. What I was noticing was that my body began moving properly and with more explosiveness. I could no longer depend on a shoe to support my body and therefore my foot had to strengthen to do so. My overall body awareness increased dramatically. I felt like the shoe market was lagging on this barefoot concept and as I wanted... Read More

  Andrew Parr,  Barefoot Golf,  Hybrid

Barefoot shoes that look good too – by Independent Golf reviews

February 28, 2012 by Jamie Page

Barefoot shoes that look good too – by Independent Golf reviews

"If you want to play golf barefoot, these are the best and safest option.  These are golf shoes made by people who know barefoot shoes. The VIVOBAREFOOT Hybrid is minimal, comfortable, has a puncture proof sole and the treads offer amazing traction for golf." Independent Golf Reviews tested our  barefoot golf shoe, the Hybrid . If you're thinking about buying golf shoes have a read of this review – but be warned it might sway you into buying some barefoot golf shoes…read the full article on . "VIVOBAREFOOT knows how to make a barefoot shoe, but do they know... Read More

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