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Healthynomics give away two pairs of Evo's

July 06, 2011 by Mike Ivens

Healthynomics give away two pairs of Evo's

Health and wellbeing website Healthynomics have written shining reviews of both the VIVOBAREFOOT Evo and our Proprioception eBook written by Lee Saxby. In light of this, they are giving away two pairs of the Evo in a new competition; one pair for a lucky man and one pair for a lucky lady. Click the image above to go to the competition. Healthynomics had this to say about the eBook: "I encourage anyone that is already transitioned to minimalistic running or barefoot running newbies alike to check it out." Read the full review here. They also said about the Evo's that... Read More

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VIVOBAREFOOT Evo review by

April 13, 2011 by Jamie Page

VIVOBAREFOOT Evo review by

The [VIVOBAREFOOT] Evo’s are amazing. Let me tell you why… — Healthynomics Here's a great review by Healthynomics of the VIVOBAREFOOT Evo . The reviews covers everything from the ordering process, cost, appearance, size & fit, breathability, and running experience and worth a read if you're interested in buying some Evos Read the full article on the website. Read More

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