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Feel the ground, not the cold

October 03, 2014 by Jamie Page

Feel the ground, not the cold

Our Winterproof Collection is here*. Our latest and greatest range of winter 'barefoot' shoes specifically designed to keep your feet warm and dry in the Winter months, whilst also allowing them to thrive as nature intended. Read More

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Freud II: A tennis heritage shoe for everyday barefoot style

April 04, 2014 by Jamie Page

Freud II: A tennis heritage shoe for everyday barefoot style

Over ten years ago, Tim Brennan, a studious product designer and keen tennis player ran into difficulties. A string of ankle injuries on the court caused Tim to rethink his approach to footwear. He believed heavy cushioning and lack of sensory feedback was a factor contributing to his injuries. He set about cutting the soles off his conventional trainers and coming up with a solution: a tough and puncture-resistant sole that was also lightweight, flexible and allowed for all the natural movement and sensory feedback required for healthy, skillful movement. Read More

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