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Terra Plana 'Dida' featured on

September 03, 2009 by Terra Plana

Terra Plana 'Dida' featured on

A high kick for eco high heels! (don't try that at home) My latest adventure climbing through the jungles of the World Wide Web sent me in search of the ever elusive eco-shoe... (and here's the catch) that is actually cute. A few clicks and not-quite-rights later, I stumbled upon Terra Plana . The script read right for the eco part of eco-couture- " Inspired by ecological survival, TERRA PLANA believes in a variety of non-generic products supporting ideas of sustainability: lightness, anatomic design, disassembly and durability ," but could these shoes walk the catwalk? In my humble opinion the... Read More

  Dida,  Ecocouture,  Terra Plana

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