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Introducing our Barefoot Running Coach app

June 27, 2012 by Jamie Page

Introducing our Barefoot Running Coach app

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we take education very seriously and  it is a central pillar in our business. We've created this Barefoot Running Coach app, in conjunction with Lee Saxby, to help spread the skill of barefoot movement and offer an accessible resource for everyone to use on their journey to becoming injury-free, natural walkers and runners. From the Expert, Lee Saxby "In February, Harvard research showed heel striking runners are 2x more likely to be injured than those who forefoot strike .  The incentive to get off our heels and adopt the barefoot gait is massive.  BUT, there’s a catch:... Read More

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Reuters talks running, walking and jogging...

April 15, 2011 by Jamie Page

Reuters talks running, walking and jogging...

In a recent Reuters article, Dorene Internicola talks about running and walking and, with the help of Lee Saxby, Dr Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, highlights the dangers of the modern phenomenon of jogging.
Are people coming round to the idea that barefoot running isn't a fad? It seems to be the case.
In the article Dorene talks about our recently published eBook – Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running. Have you read it? It's written by our barefoot expert Lee Saxby and together we have illustrated and demonstrated the differences between the motorskill milestones of human movement. Aimed at beginner all the way through to expert; we wanted to share Lee's knowledge on the importance of learning and mastering barefoot running.
Read the full article on Read More

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