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Born to be barefoot? - Ottawa Citizen

April 19, 2010 by Terra Plana

Born to be barefoot? - Ottawa Citizen

Here's an interview, with Terra Plana 's very own Galahad Clark, about being barefoot and VivoBarefoot shoes, from the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper. Here are a view extracts, for the full article , visit the Ottawa Citizen : "Edenism is the new word," the Britain-based Clark said as he strolled lower Manhattan shod in his thin-soled creation. "Our shoes are not as good as barefoot, but they're as close as we can get." Clark's line of running and walking shoes, called Vivo Barefoot, feature a three millimeter (0.11 inch) sole that, he contends, frees the wearer to walk and run as... Read More

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