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Get your Birthday Shoes on: the Aqua Lite

July 29, 2012 by Jamie Page

Get your Birthday Shoes on: the Aqua Lite

"Not a lot needs to be said about the Aqua Lites ground feel—it's just really, really good." – Our friends at took a pair of the VIVOBAREFOOT  Aqua Lite and gave a thorough test. If you're considering buying some barefoot shoes , with ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles and an anatomic toe-box we would recommend you read this review first. "Aqua Lites don't degrade your natural bio-mechanics!" "If you're after a first-class barefoot-feel while still wearing shoes, the Aqua Lites are an excellent choice not matter how you slice'em." As a self-confessed "toe-shoe" fanatic our friends at have a... Read More

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