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Happy Feet: VIVOBAREFOOT in Runner's World

August 04, 2011 by Jamie Page

Happy Feet: VIVOBAREFOOT in Runner's World

In this article from September 2011's Runner's World, Justin Bowyer talks about recover shoes for tired feet and muscles after running. We are honoured to be recommended as the   Best for Barefoot Runners! Here's what the article in  Runner's World said about the VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles : "A recovery shoe to complement the company's barefoot running models. the Achilles has an ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole that gives an excellent level of traction, while the honeycomb-design footbed is textured, providing grip and gentle massage - beneficial in mild cases of plantar fasciitis and for increasing blood flow for faster recovery." You'll... Read More

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The Living Barefoot Show VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles

July 23, 2011 by Jamie Page

The Living Barefoot Show VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles

Here at VIVOBAREFOOT HQ we're extremely proud of the Achilles. We've created an amphibious minimalist sandal with our puncture resistant, patented, sole that's extremely light and durable and maximises proprioception . But don't take our word for it. Have a look at The Living Barefoot Show 's review of the VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles . "A split toe minimalist running sandal that will blow your socks off!" – Al Gauthier from The Living Barefoot Show "Minimalist sandals are a category that has been crying out to be properly filled for years. Not only has VIVOBAREFOOT filled this category, but they have done... Read More

  Achilles,  Al Gauthier,  Living Barefoot Show,  Vivobarefoot

VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles in the FT Weekend Magazine

June 01, 2011 by Jamie Page

VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles in the FT Weekend Magazine

Check out the VIVOBAREFOOT Achilles from the FT Weekend Magazine feature Light on your feet from April 16/17, 2011. Here's what they said about the Achilles: "An open-air running sandal for multi-terrain adventures, the Achilles has adjustable straps and is designed to promote a more natural forefoot or midfoot strike, akin to barefoot running." See the full article on Read More

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