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Anton Guidera off to the world cup…with VIVOBAREFOOT

June 04, 2013 by Anton Guidera

Anton Guidera off to the world cup…with VIVOBAREFOOT

Finding out about VIVOBAREFOOT has been such a relief. My whole physiology is different, my feet feel free and so does my whole body when I wear them. I know struggle with shoe shopping very much as nothing else gives you that freedom. One of the main advantages for me is they're so light. I specialise in a sport called 'Street Workout' and compete in national and international competitions. Due to the nature of the sport relying heavily on feeling as light as possible and regulations saying you must wear footwear, Vivo's have proved highly effective. The Designs are neat... Read More

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Ciarán Fitzpatrick takes VIVOBAREFOOT to Kenya

May 08, 2013 by Ciarán Fitzpatrick

Ciarán Fitzpatrick takes VIVOBAREFOOT to Kenya

The first thing to notice is the thin sole. Immediately, you feel close to the ground. The barefoot feeling can never be fully replicated in a shoe but if you need protection from the weather or the terrain, this is the alternative. The removable insole also allows you to choose just how barefoot you want it to feel. The 4mm sole achieves a nice balance of allowing you to feel the ground whilst at the same time protecting you from stones and thorns with its puncture resistant sole. The lack of heel to toe height difference will take some getting... Read More

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Freeze Winner!

December 18, 2012 by Jamie Page

Freeze Winner!

And the winner of our Freeze & Win competition is… Galen McGee from the mountains of North Carolina, USA. Galen sent us a few awesome images of him out and about in his Neo Trails. We're sending him and his family 4 pairs of shoes (which will hopefully arrive before Christmas). Here's one of our runners up – a shot taken by Linda Björnberg of her husband pulling two of their three kids on a sledge in Sweden. This was a favourite of our the VIVOBAREFOOT Head Office. And our final runner up is Mikko Myllymäki in his VIVOBAREFOOT Neos... Read More

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