Not everyone is on strike

September 11, 2012 by Jamie Page

This may have been the wettest summer (UK) in over 100 years, but it was also our most successful…

But, here’s a question…how many of this summer’s track athletes were heel striking whilst performing? We would hazard a guess at zero. Yep, probably none, but you can have your say and join the debate on our Facebook page. But it’s not only about foot-strike, it’s about posture, rhythm and relaxation.
Not many people would argue with the fact that the elite athletes are some of the most skilful people in the world. Displaying brilliant examples of practice equating to perfection.
Now is the time to emulate these great athletes and learn the skill of running. But do not fear we have a wide array of training resources to get you out there and running naturally and injury-free.
You will find all the resources on our Training Clinic website including the free step-by-step eBook, free training videos and iPhone and iPad apps. You can also find and contact any of our Certified Barefoot Coaches for an 1-to-1 or group lesson.

Remember to take it slowly and perfect the motor-skill milestones and techniques before running long distances. As a tip going barefoot (or in VIVOBAREFOOT shoes) for everyday life is a great way of slowly conditioning your feet and transitioning.

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