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Go barefoot this winter with our Winterproof range

October 25, 2013 by Jamie Page

Being barefoot everyday, all year round can now be a reality with our latest Winterproof range. Offering thermal protection, suitable grip and all the same principles we adhere to in all of our revolutionary shoes our latest Winterproof range is really letting your feet do their thing whatever the weather.

Humans have evolved wearing footwear, as tribes and civilisations moved away from the cradle of humanity and into regions less hospitable they used footwear to protect themselves from the physical world around them.
Staying true to the functional necessity of hunting and survival footwear was developed for both physical protection from the elements and thermal protection from the cold climes of high latitudes and altitudes and the heat of the warmer areas of the world. Each successful civilisation has used the resources around them to survive.

This is exactly the principles by which VIVOBAREFOOT stand for. Letting the foot do its thing whilst protecting it from the primal thermal and physical elements.

In the same way the Sami people of northern Europe used reindeer skin to keep their feet warm but maintaining all the functionality their needed to hunt, fish and survive, we are using this ancient wisdom with modern technology with our latest Winterproof range.

Enjoy the winter with all the benefits of being barefoot with our largest and most stylist range of Winterproof barefoot shoes that are now available in store and online.

New this season we have, for men: the Freud and Scott whilst a favourite returns: the Off Road Hi. For women we have three brand new boots to choose from: the Mia, Ryder and Karma. All of which have a variety of features that let your feet not only survive but thrive in the cold and wet months.

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