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NY: Weathering the Storm

October 31, 2012 by Michelle Hinsvark

(photo coutesy of NASA)
An update from our New York Office

Our  New York store and Head Office, both in Lower Manhattan, have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and are, currently without power. We've been down to inspect the damage and everything looks okay but we can't get back in to the buildings, until the electricity returns. We are working hard to resume service by working from home (for those with power) or at friend's, colleague's or our families' places. We will hopefully be up and running once again by the end of the week once the transport networks are running and the power returns.

Despite all of this we are still accepting orders from the our website, however our customer services team will be very stretched so please use the ShoeFitr application to check your sizing, and read product reviews, so please be patient as we get back up and running.

Once we do get into our offices we'll be working around the clock to ensure your purchase makes it to you in a timely fashion! We do expect shipping to also be delayed due to the severe weather so bear that in mind when awaiting your order.

Thanks for your patience and support.


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